The History of Back And Bicep Workout

Back and Bicep Workout

Back and Bicep Workout

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Finished Day 2 Of Liift4 - Back And Bicep Workout

So today I finished day 2 of Liift4 Back and Bicep workout. Let me tell you this, before I dive into this workout routine. This was a whole new type of burn that I haven’t felt before. Continue reading to find out what I mean.

Back And Bicep Work Was A Whole New Burn

Today’s workout was a whole new burn as I said before. How may you ask? In this particular workout we had to do a circuit which is 4 exercises which we had to do for three sets. We had to do two rounds of circuit training. In circuit training there are no breaks just back to back exercises. Then after lifting we had a burn out round. Which consists of two exercises but we had to do that for 3 sets. After that came core again.

How Did I Do In This Back And Bicep Workout?

Besides being very sore during the workout, I felt like I did pretty well. However, I had to skip two exercises because I couldn’t figure out a good medication for myself because of my spinal stenosis.

Which Weights Did I Use In This Back And Bicep Workout?

Here are the weights that I used during today’s workout.

Back and Bicep Workout

Back and Bicep Workout

Pretty Much Stayed The Same In This Back And Bicep Workout

The weights stayed the same in this back and bicep workout. The only difference I did not use the 15 - pound weights like yesterday. I believe I will improve overtime.

Tomorrow Workout - After Back And Bicep Workout

So tomorrow workout after today back and bicep workout is a rest day. Thank goodness because I feel like my arms will fall off lol. Picture this in your mind, when I was done working out today I had a protein bar, while I was having my snack my hand was shaking non stop.


Even though that this back and bicep workout was intense for me, I still manage to push through it. I am glad that I pushed through, now all I need to do is get through Karate tonight in one piece because my muscles feel all fragile. Wish me luck.

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