The History of 80 Day Obsession Cardio Flow Exercises

80 Day Obsession Cardio Flow Exercises

80 Day Obsession Cardio Flow Exercises

Day 75 Of 80 Day Obsession Done!

Today I have completed day 75 of 80 Day Obsession.  It was 80 Day  Obsession Cardio Flow Exercises.  It was a nice workout.  Let me tell you about what we are going to be discussing today.

What We Will Be Discussing Today

  • Recap of yesterday post

  • The history of 80 Day Obsession Cardio Flow Exercises

  • How today Cardio Flow was different/how did I improve


If you have missed yesterday post or you are just visiting our website for your first time, then here it is again.  I recommend you read this post first before today's post so you can be caught with everything else.  Finished Phase 3 – 80 Day Obsession.

The History of 80 Day Obsession Cardio Flow Exercises

So I would like to talk about how in each phase every Cardio Flow has always changed.  Even in the smallest ways yet.  Let's have a recap of each Cardio Flow in each phase, shall we?

Phase One

In phase one the Cardio Flow started with inch-worms then spider pushups.  Then back to the top which would be inch-worms and then spider pushups again.  You probably got the point now right?  there are 9 or 10 total exercises in this workout.  You have to keep circling back to the top until you complete all 9 or 10 exercise.  Then once you have gone through them all you have to go through the whole 9 or 10 exercises two more times.  Oh and I almost forgot each exercise is 4 reps.

Phase Two

In phase two Cardio Flow still has the same exercises as phase one, but it moves from 4 reps to 6 reps per exercise.

Phase Three

In phase three it goes back to 4 reps of each exercise but after the first set of circling back around to the top like in phase one.  You have to do 8 total rounds of Cardio Flow exercises.  At least it's not 8 reps per exercise.

 How Today Cardio Flow Was Different/How Did I Improve

In today's Cardio Flow workout, we had to do as many rounds as possible in 30 mins.  Still with the same exercises and the same old 4 reps per exercises.  However, I made some improvements today.  I wasn't feeling very winded from the jumping around.  Another thing that I improved upon today was when the workout was over, I could of went another two or three rounds.  Not because I was dogging it, but because I was just full of energy lol.  That surprised me because I had a late karate class night and I didn't go to bed until 11 pm, which is late for me.

Before You Go...

Before you go I would like to tell you that I got my second stripe on my blue belt last night!  The best part about it was that I was not expecting to get one.  Those are the best kind of surprises, right?


Come Back Tomorrow

Come back tomorrow to see how I did on my second day of peak week before my 80 Day Obsession is over!