The Examples of Self Care Article of Your Dreams

The examples of self care

The examples of self care

The Importance Of Self Care

Self-care is very important when it comes to living a healthy life.  I believe everyone should start taking self-care very seriously because it's important to live a balanced life.  Work is just as important as fun, you got to make time for both.  Today I am going to talk about some examples of self care.

Why Is Self Care Important?

Self care is important for your physical and mental health.  It also helps with your soul too.  Without self care relationships can be destroyed because of constant fights.

Great Example Of Self Care That I Like To Do

  • Reading

  • Exercise

  • Playing A Video Game

  • Arts and Crafts

  • Use Essential Oils

  • Foam Roll

  • Go Sit On The Beach

  • Listen To Music

  • Talk To Friends And Family

Some Of My Favorite Books That I Read During Self Care

I have read quite a lot of books so far in my life.  I have read Alex Rider, Harry Potter, Alex Cross Series and many others.  Reading helps keep my brain active, and reading also helps keep me relax.

Exercise Is Another Great Form Of Self Care

I love to exercise at least 6 times a week if not more.  It helps me relieve stress, anger, and other emotions that sore through my body on a weekly basis.  I love doing the workouts on BeachBody on Demand, plus I also like going to Karate.  If one does not help me, then the other will.  I can always rely on karate or Beachbody on Demand to help me relieve my emotions.

Playing A Video Is Not Always A Great Idea For Self Care

Yes sometimes it's okay to play video games for self care, but sometimes it's not always the right choice.  Like I said yesterday post about The Insiders Guide to Video Game Addiction Warning Signs video games can make you become addicted to them like a drug.  Eventually, you will want more.  When someone takes it away from you, you may find yourself very hostile.  However, video games can help relieve anger and frustration, at least it did for me.

Arts And Crafts Is Great For Self Care

Have you ever done arts and crafts for self care before?  If not you got to try it.  What I like about arts and crafts is that you can't make really make a mistake.  If you think that you messed up on something someone who is looking at it wouldn't even know that it was supposed to look like something else instead.  However, that was not the case with one of my art teachers in school.  I actually got a C in my ceramics class.  Umm, hello teacher it's called art?  How do you grade in art class?  Everyone is a critic, am I right?

Essential Oils Are Amazing For Self Care

If you are still not convinced that essential oils are amazing by some of these posts Unbelievable Feelings Kit From Young Living Success Stories, Omg! The Best Essential Oils Ever! and Purification Essential Oils Uses At Home Has The Answer To Everything. Perhaps today's post will make you fully believe in these lifesavers.  Young Living has quite a few essential oils that I use every day for self care.  The first product that I like using every day is the  Feelings Kit. Another great product by Young Living that I like to use is Joy. When I am stressed I usually keep this little oil called Stress Away.  What a simple name but has awesome effects.

Foam Rolling Is A Different Kind Of Self Care

So far I have been talking about emotional self care.  However, there is more than one kind of self care.  Foam rolling helps with the pain kind of care.  Every time I am sore from karate or working out I use my foam roller.  It helps me stay pain-free throughout the day and into the next day.  It's important to keep yourself pain-free so you are not prone to injury.

Sit At The Beach For Your Next Self Care

During the summer is the perfect time to go sit at the beach if you need self caring.  Just go down and bring a book or your kindle.  Perhaps just sit there or maybe even take a nap on the beach.  Listen to the ocean and the nice breeze in your ears and let go of all that emotional energy leave your body.  Just don't forget the sunscreen because then you will feel all kinds of pain that the foam roller can't get rid of.

Try Listening To Music If The Other Self Care Tips Don't Work

I love listening to music when I need some self caring.  Sometimes all the other tips that I just listed don't always work for me so music is near my last resort.  If you follow me on social media you have probably notice that I am a big fan of AC/DC, ZZ Top, John Fogerty and many other bands.  AC/DC puts me in a great mood because it's awesome music that makes you feel pumped up!

The Last Self Care Tip ( For Now)...

The last self care tip that I want to leave you with for today talk with your friends or family.  A true friend will listen to your problems, but family doesn't always have to listen.  I learned that the hard way.  Family can cause emotional fights when just talking about a problem that you are having.  They can also disagree with you over and over again.   Friends, on the other hand, would give you feedback on your problem, maybe even just listen.  Friends are awesome to talk to about those kinds of stuff, but family can be helpful too.

Perhaps I Am Missing Something Else?

Perhaps I am missing something else on this list?  If so please share your self care tips in the comments below.  I would like to hear from you and what works for you.  Please share this article if you have found this helpful.