The Evolution of Fitbit Ace Activity Tracker

Fitbit Ace activity tracker

The Fitbit Ace Activity Tracker is Here!

The Fitbit Ace activity tracker is here.  They are made for kids in mind.  In this post, we will tell you about the features and where you can buy the Fitbit Ace.

The History Of The Fitbit Ace Activity Tracker

The Fitbit Versa was the main item at Fitbit hardware event this past March, but they also announced the Fitbit Ace.  The Fitbit Ace activity tracker was made for kids in mind.  It was announced 3 months ago but now everyone can buy it globally.  It looks like some of the other Fitbits out there because it's like a Fitbit Alta but with a focus for kids.

Fitbit Ace Activity Tracker Features

The Fitbit Ace can track steps taken, activity levels, sleep, and much more.  When you first get the Fitbit Ace you will notice by default activity level is set to 60 mins per day.  It is also set to 9 hours of sleep which is recommended by the CDC.  Ace can give kids reminders through the day and has a battery life up to five days on a single charge.  It also includes 10 clock faces to choose from, and it's showerproof which protects from splashes and spills.

How To Setup The Fitbit Ace?

You will notice that the setup for the Fitbit Ace is different than the other Fitbit trackers in the past.  Once you take the Fitbit Ace out of the box to get ready to set it up you will notice it will ask you to make a family account.  With the family account, you can make secure profiles for your kids.  So they can keep track of their activity while also staying safe.  Parents can manage what their kids see in the app, set bedtime reminders and more.

Where Can You Buy The Fitbit Ace Activity Tracker?

You can buy the Fitbit Ace activity tracker on AmazonKohls, Bestbuy and of course official website.  The Fitbit Ace costs $99 in the U.S.  It also comes in two different colors which are power purple and electric blue.

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