What Everyone Must Know About Team Beachbody Summit Review

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If you follow me on social media you probably have seen some awesome pictures from the Beachbody Coach Summit. It was an amazing experience to be around like minded people. Today I am going to talk to you about my team beachbody summit review.

team beachbody summit review
beachbody coach summit welcome sign

beachbody coach summit welcome sign

What Is Beachbody Summit

So what is Team Beachbody summit? Coach summit is where a bunch of Beachbody coaches come together from all over the world to celebrate and learn new ways on how to succeed in the business.

My First Year At Summit

On the way to coach summit there were a few rough patches that didn’t happen.  The first one was on the airplane. Nothing bad happened of course but there was no air conditioning on a very small plane.

It was so small that I think it could only hold 50 people on it.  So not a lot of room. But when I landed in Indianapolis there was a big welcome banner for all the Beachbody coaches.  I felt like I already belong there.

So my mood improved slightly after the plane ride, but then when we took a 3rd party shuttle to hotel that’s when my mood dropped one more time.  Again there was hardly an air conditioning on the shuttle as well. I was thinking to myself thank goodness no had had a heat stroke.

Did you know that Beachbody took over Nashville coach summit as well? I just found that out.

When I Got To The Hotel

When my mom and I got to the JW Marriot hotel that we were staying at I saw Joel Freeman.  He is the creator of the Liift4 program. I was going to take a picture with him, but everyone crowded around him.

So I decided to take a pass because I probably will run into him again later I hope.  My mom friend and her two daughters were coming later that night. They were driving from PA to the Beachbody Coach Summit.

When they finally arrived they told my mom and I that we were staying at the hotel where all the Trainers stayed when they were in town.  I was excited to meet some of my idols.

The Next Day Was Filled With Coach Summit Workshops

I went to a few workshops while I was there at the convention.  I learned a lot of different things while I was there to help me grow my coaching business.

I always thought that I had to sell the product but it’s so much more than that.  Everyone thinks it’s a pyramid scheme, but basically every business is.

Think outside the box for a minute.  When you start at a new job they start you at the bottom and you have to work your way up.  You don’t start making the big money until you have people under you.  

There Were A Lot of Entrepreneur Motivational Speakers

Some of the motivational speakers that spoke at the events were a lot of other Beachbody coaches who were higher up on the food chain.  But they were no joke they talk the talk and walk the walk.

One Of The Best Motivational Speaker Was There As Well

I don’t know if you have ever heard of the motivational speaker Rachel Hollis before?  But she was there as well. Unfortunately I missed her speaking at the event.

I was busy doing something else at the time but I subscribed to her podcast so it was kind of a win win.  However, while I missed that event I ran into one of my idols.

jimmy clare meets joel freeman at coach summit convention center

jimmy clare meets joel freeman at coach summit convention center

Running Into A Celebrity Trainer Is An Awesome Experience 

Remember how I told you about seeing Joel Freeman in the lobby at the hotel?  This time I saw him again in the convention center and I literally ran up to him and took a picture with him.

I didn’t get to speak with him but a picture speaks 1,000 words and it made my day.  Skipped a public speaking event to run into my idol was well worth it.  

I am so jealous that my mom’s friend got to meet Tony Horton who made P90X.  She said that he was nice and funny. He even took a picture with him.  

jimmy clare at the super workout

jimmy clare at the super workout

Waking Up For The Saturday Super Workout

I have to tell you I have never ever woke up at 4:45 AM to go to a workout at 6 AM before.  This was an amazing sight to see. We actually worked out in the middle of the street all the roads blocked off.  

There speakers so you can hear the trainers tell you which exercises to do next.  There were monitors as well so if you weren’t in front of the stage you can still see what they were doing.

Someone told me and my mom’s friend that the people who wanted to get a spot in front of the stage. Had to get there by 3 AM in the morning.  I told them that I am not that crazy to do that.

The Closing Event

On Saturday night it was the closing event where I saw Tony Horton gave his speech about how blessed he was for the lifetime achievement award.  Carl Diakler who is the CEO of Beachbody is giving Tony Horton more

opportunities for him to explore his other interests.  So now Tony Horton is working with the Baby Boomer group.

Meaning that Tony Horton probably will not be coming out with anymore Beachbody on Demand workouts but he won’t be cutting tides with Beachbody.

women in black workout cloths doing yoga

women in black workout cloths doing yoga

What To Wear To Coach Summit?

Bring extra workout clothes because you will get sweaty during the workout, and when you walk in the hot sun.  You might also feel hot and sweaty if you get take a ride in a vehicle somewhere with no air conditioning.

I would also bring some dress clothes and bring some snacks with you.  I walked over 20,000 steps during the 4 days I was at the Beachbody Coach Summit.  Be prepared is all I am saying.  

Looking Forward To Next Year Summit

At the end of summit I got an email from Beachbody with a special limited time offer to come back to summit next year.  It was $125 ticket which I save $170 in savings.  

So now I am going back to summit next year and next year it will be in New Orleans.  I have never been, but my brother has so I am looking forward to it.  


Coach summit was an amazing event with so many motivational speakers, celebrity trainers, inspirational weight loss stories, and much much more.   It feels amazing to be around full of positive people. It’s an event that one should experience in their lifetime.  

What Are Your Thoughts?

What do you think about this amazing event that I got to go to?  Let me know what your thoughts are in the comments below.

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