Stranger Things Season 3 Is Finally Happening!

Stranger Things Season 3

Stranger Things Is Coming Back For Season 3

Stranger Things season 3 is happening!  I am so excited about this.  The Duffer Brothers said that their planning to make Stranger Things 4 seasons long.  However, Netflix did not set a release date yet. Also, Netflix did not confirm season 3 of Stranger Things until 35 days later after season 2 came out.

I Am Addicted To This Show

As you can see I am writing another post about Stranger Things.  If you have missed my last post about Stranger Things before, then you can reread my post here.  Everyone Loves Stranger Things  If that is not enough to prove that I am a huge fan then this post might prove it to you.

Warning This Post Contains Spoilers

So we left Stranger Things after season 2 showing the Mind Flare hovering over the school that Dust, Mike, Will, and Lucas goes to.  So what can happen next in season 3?  Will the Mind Flare take over Will again, or maybe his mother?  Or could it be Hopper?  These questions are running through my head and I want answers.

What Do You Think Will Come Next?

What do you think we will see in season 3?  Hopper needs to marry Will's mother because he would make a great dad to Will.  Why do I think that?  Well because Hopper saves Will's life twice in both seasons.  So if anything else happens to Will in the future Hopper can get down to business and kick some butt to find out who is behind these weird events going on.  Please leave your comments below.  I will be looking forward to hearing from everyone.

The Cast Says

The whole cast of Stranger Things will be coming back.  Same characters and same actors.  How awesome is that?