Here's A Quick Way To Solve The Curse Words Problem

curse words problem

A Quick Way To Solve The Curse Words Problem

Curse words are used by so many people these days that we need a quick way to solve this problem, it has gotten out of hand.  Check out this quick way.

My Story About Curse Words

I was taught how to curse when I was growing up, my parents did not teach me to curse words.  However, it was my brother's friends.  I have been cursing on and off for years and I want to stop. 

The Non-Curse Words Challenge

During the week of Thanksgiving which starts today, I am going to try to stop myself from cursing.  It is such a bad habit to get into, and it will be a hard one to stop.  If I slip up in the challenge I will 20 push-ups, which will be hard since I still have my injury.  The challenge will last one week. 

The Quick Way To Stop Curse Words

I have a few Ideas how to quickly stop curse words.  I thought of these ideas this morning. 

  1. Pretend you are in a job interview - pretend you just got called into a job interview, you don’t know if the boss will accept cursing in the office.  Plus you don’t really want him to think you just curse all day. 

  2. Act like you are meeting a new person - act like you are meeting a new friend for the first time, you want to impress that new friend by setting good habits with each other. 

  3. Pretend your grandma is right next to you - I know my grandma can’t stand people cursing, but pretend your grandma is standing next to you at all times.  Don’t curse in front of grandma now. 

  4. Try the swear jar method - perhaps if the other three suggestions fail you can always try the swear jar method.  However, I don’t find it that effective for myself. 

  5. Have an accountability partner - have someone in your life be your accountability partner that won’t let you slip up.  Perhaps I might go this route during the week. 

Why Do I Want To Stop Using Curse Words

There are quite a number of reasons why I want to stop using curse words.  Here are some of those reasons. 

  • They make me feel less smart - there are other words I can use to let people know I am angry or upset.  I feel less smart when I curse because I know my vocabulary is better than that. 

  • Too many people curse - I notice when I talk to people in person or over the phone they curse like there no tomorrow, one curse word after the other.  I always think to myself can’t you just use another word instead?  It’s like they only know the one word. 

  • Cursing is everywhere - unfortunately, there is curse word everywhere.  In movies, tv shows, and commercials, songs etc. 

 Do You Find Yourself Using Curse Words?

Do you find yourself using curse words too much? If so then try these quick ways to solve your problem and let me know how you do. Next Monday I will let everyone know how my non-curse word challenge went.

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