Simple Easy Solutions For Healthier School Lunches

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Have you noticed that schools do not provide healthy lunches to kids, teenagers, and college students? In this day in age, I am shocked because there is more scientific research about what unhealthy food can do to you and your body.

Today I am going to talk about some simple solutions for healthier school lunches. Sit back and enjoy another blog post by yours truly.

solutions for healthier school lunches

The Problems With School Lunches

The school lunches that are served in schools today around the USA is disgusting in my opinion. I remember back in middle school and high school they served pizza that looked old as a sponge. They also had soda machines, fried chicken, french fries, and pop tarts.

Don't forget pretzels and nachos with fake cheese sauce. That only to name a few unhealthy foods that they served 5 days a week. So the problem with those types of food they are filled with unhealthy fat, preservatives, and they are full of sodium.

Have too many of these kinds of foods can cause:

·  Obesity

·  Death

·  Stroke

·  Heart disease

·  Headaches

bacon cheeseburgers

bacon cheeseburgers

The School Lunch Nutrition Requirements In Today's Schools

According to, they say that the USDA relaxes school lunch rules, approving strawberry milk, less whole grains in federally-subsidized meals

Meaning that the foods and milk in school will be different in the upcoming years.

Schools are allowed to serve 1% milk, in flavors such as strawberry and chocolate. Plus on top of that, they are maintaining the sodium level in foods instead of reducing it. If that is not enough to make you cringe only half of the grains on the menu has to be whole grains. Meaning the other products can be made with white flour.

Why Did The Trump Administration Remove This Obama Guidelines?

According to the New York Times, Trump administration rolls back Obama-era rules for school lunches. The advocates for the schools were sending complaints to Trump and the USDA that it's hard to find foods with 50% whole grains in them. With that being said I have to argue that a little.

If I can find whole wheat products in my local grocery store easily then why can't these advocates for the school can't find them? Have they ever heard of Amazon? If the government is paying for the school lunches why not ask them if it's okay to buy products from Amazon?

It seems pretty simple to me don't you think? Too bad the students and staff have to suffer from unhealthy foods.

fruit on a white plate

fruit on a white plate

Schools Should Offer Nutrition Courses

Since the requirements have changed in schools to offer healthy foods. Perhaps one-way parents and schools could fight back is to educate the kids on nutrition by offering courses in schools.

Sure schools have health class and maybe cooking classes as an elective. But they don't teach about nutrition. I kind of wonder now that I am out high school would I have eaten all those school lunches if I how many calories are in just one slice of pizza?

Probably not to be honest. I think if a teacher educated me about nutrition and talked about serving sizes I probably wouldn't have gained all that weight.

Healthy School Lunch Ideas

The last few days I was thinking of some simple solutions for healthier school lunches. 3 things come to mind that could make school lunches healthier again.

1.   Shakeology

2.   2BMindSet

3.   Ultimate Portion Fix

What Is Shakeology?

Shakeology is a superfood nutrition shake filled with all those missing nutrients that you and I are missing every day. It's super easy to make and it probably would save the schools money and it would give healthier options than what schools have to offer.

I use Shakeology as a meal replacement for breakfast and lunch because I like simple easy things to make in the morning. I don't have a boatload of time to clean up a whole cooking mess in the kitchen before my workout and college classes.

What Is 2BMindSet?

2BMindSet is a weight loss program that does not require counting points or tracking calories. It uses plate proportions to help you lose weight and keep it off. It was created by Ilana Muhlstein who is an R.D. I hope I spelled her name right.

What Is Ultimate Portion Fix?

It's a meal planner with color-coded containers to help you eat the right amount from each food group. I have heard from people that it's super easy to do that they don't have to think twice about what containers they need at which meal.

rows of fruit on a plate

rows of fruit on a plate

Some Quick School Lunch Ideas That Are Healthy

Like I said Shakeology is a very healthy and very quick lunch idea and I think schools should add it to the menu. It's probably more affordable than what they spend on right now in today's school.

·  Salads

·  Sushi

·  Grilled chicken instead of fried

·  Grilled veggies

·  Panera Bread deliveries

·  Chick Fil A

5 Back To School Lunch Ideas For Picky Eaters

1.   Veggies and hummus

2.   Low-fat high protein yogurt with fruit with granola as long as there are no nut allergies

3.   Cottage cheese low fat

4.   Tuna fish

5.   Salmon

10 Back To School Lunch Ideas To Avoid That Are Considered Unhealthy

1.   Any deli lunch meat - too much sodium, filled with nitrates and nitrites

2.   Lunchables - filled with fatty meat, fatty cheese, and some fake juice

3.   Crackers - filled with unwanted sodium

4.   Soup - unless it is homemade with not a ton of sodium than stay away from it

5.   Hot dogs - filled with preservatives and other gross stuff

6.   Sausage - again filled with preservatives and other mystery meat

7.   Pop-Tarts - filled with sugars

8.   Cookies - filled with sugar

9.   Pizza - filled with fats, and lots of oil

10.   French fries - filled with lots of oil and unhealthy fats

The School's Mandatory Nutrition Requirements Should Have Better Guidelines

I think schools should have better guidelines on what they can or can not serve. I feel like they should also be required to have the following in all schools all over the world.

·  Required to show the calories on the menu items

·  Required to tell you the ingredients of how the menu items are made and how they cook them

·  Required portion sizes

·  Required food group labels around the lunchroom which shows which food goes into which group

vegetable casserole

vegetable casserole

What Are The Benefits Of Healthy School Lunches?

·  Helps fight obesity

·  Helps keeps teenagers, kids, and middle school students healthy

·  Fewer nurse visits

·  Promotes healthy eating early so they can maintain it throughout life

·  Helps kids stay fuller longer

·  Helps them focus

·  Helps them to get better grades

·  May help inspire them to become a registered nutritionists

·  Helps them not be super hyper after lunch because of sugary and processed foods


Schools have a long way to keep students and faculty healthy. In my opinion, I feel like schools have taken a backward step in doing so. I am still unclear as to why Trump has taken healthy foods away in school. I don't think he realizes how important healthy eating is.

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