Never Underestimate The Influence Of Smoking Cigarettes How Bad Is It

The influence of smoking cigarettes

My Disappearance Last Week

So you are probably wondering where I have been the last week?  I only posted one time during the week.   So what happened to me during last week?  During the course of the week, I encountered a huge glitch in the back end of our website which made it impossible to navigate in the back end.  So basically the glitch froze my entire account which means I couldn't do anything.  Of course when I was trying to get it fixed, but support was not helping out.  So it took a whole week and then I was away for the weekend.  Let's talk about smoking cigarettes how bad is it.

Smoking Cigarettes Is Horrible For Your Health

According to the CDC, smoking can cause a lot of health problems like:

  • Gum disease

  • Lung disease

  • Increase risk of stroke

  • Damage to blood vessels

Plus many more damages to your body and health.  You can view more of them by visiting this link here.  However, just a word of precaution you will not like what you read.  It is all bad news.  Smoking Facts

Why Do People Still Smoke?

  • Hard to quit - if you find it too hard to quit then take small baby steps to live a healthier life without smoking.

  • Peer pressure - some people just smoke because all of their friends smoke. When I was in high school the big thing that was going on was wearing their pants near their butts. I know a few people who easily jumped on that bandwagon. But I knew better and I kept my pants where they are supposed to be.

  • Lack of education about smoking - some people don't know the side effects of smoking because they didn't learn about it in school or they do not care.

Why Are We Talking About Smoking Today?

On Friday at the Billy Joel concert, I saw a lot of people smoking during the tailgate.  I was thinking of how bad it was for their health and the environment around them.  Then on Saturday my best friend was smoking and then I asked him when did he start smoking.  He told me that he been smoking for a while now but he doesn't do it every day.  I grew up with this friend and now he's smoking.  It's a shame because smoking causes nothing but destruction to the body.

Smoking Got So Bad And Out Of Control

Smoking got so bad and out of control that we now see commercials on TV about it.  If you don't believe me then here is a commercial about smoking to prove it to you.  Disclaimer: this video shows some graphic stuff that might be upsetting to you or the viewer who is watching this.  I take no responsibility for making this video or commercial.

After seeing these kinds of commercials on TV I knew right then and there that smoking has gone way too far and the industry needs to stop.

Smoking Is The Worst Stress Reliever Ever

I have never smoked a cigar or a cigarette before and I hope that stays that way.  I heard some people use it as a stress reliever.  Sorry to say but that stress reliever is killing you from this inside and out.  Check out these stress reliever alternatives here.

As you can see there are healthier ways to deal with stress.  Stop smoking people it's not good for you and it's not good for the environment.  Those cigarette butts cause nature and animals to die.

I Hope My Friend Will Quit

I hope I can get my friend to quit smoking because it such a bad habit to get in.  Plus I want him to be around for a long time and not die at a young age.  Quit while you can so you don't regret it later.

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