Seven Common Mistakes Everyone Makes In Sleep Problems

picture of a women with wide eyes laying in bed

picture of a women with wide eyes laying in bed

Seven Common Mistakes Everyone Makes In Sleep Problems

Have you been waking up tired in the morning? Perhaps these seven common mistakes is causing you sleep problems, learn more.

Are These Seven Common Mistakes Causing You Sleep Problems?

I absolutely love getting a good night sleep because when I don’t I turn into the hulk. I don’t necessarily turn green, but I am very cranky and annoyed. Sometimes I make some of these mistakes that cause me sleep problems.

  1. Using your phone at night Has anyone told you that that blue light on your phone can cause problems for your sleep. If not then you must read this article from the Sleep Doctor about The latest on blue light and sleep

  2. Watching TV or Netflix That blue light is not just on phones, but it’s not TV and Netflix too, plus they are also on computers and tablets.

  3. Caffeine before bed is a big no no If you work a late night job there are other ways to stay awake, like getting up from the desk and walking, listen to music, or a pod cast, etc. However, if you have coffee or a sugary drink like soda or Gatorade then that’s a big no no for sleep. You will be up for a long time.

  4. Too much food before bed Everyone gets hungry before bed time, even I do and that’s why I have a snack, not a meal or multiple binge eating snacks. Don’t fill your body up before bed time or you won’t be able to sleep. Stick with small snacks like a protein bar.

  5. Listening to music I know I just said music helps keeps you up, so don’t listen to music before bed time. I made that mistake and then a AC/DC song came out and then I was playing an air guitar solo with Angus Young. When I went to bed, I started to toss and turn for the rest of the night.

  6. Too much stress If you have too much stress on your plate before bed time, then I suggest read a book, do something mindless because going to sleep with that stress will be impossible.

  7. Alcohol People who tend to drink at night before bed may not get a very restful night. Yes, alcohol can relax you before bed, but you will will probably wake up during the night kicking the covers off because you are too hot. Stay away from alcohol before bed time, it will not help you sleep.

picture of a women stretching in her bed

picture of a women stretching in her bed

How To Set Good Sleep Habits

I try to have good sleep habits, and I will share with you my good habits that took me a while to implement.

  1. I limit my phone at night I have this app on Android called Stay Focused and I can set my daily phone limit for specific times of the week.

  2. I use a blue light filter There is only one blue light filter I recommend personally and it’s called Twilight. It makes my screen red at certain times of the night so if I really have to use my phone, I don’t mess up my sleep because of that blue light.

  3. I have a bedtime Yes even a 25 year old still has a bedtime, it changes during the summer and winter months, but I still have one. Make sure yo go to bed around the same time and get up at the same time.

  4. Small snack before bed I usually have a protein shake, or protein bar and sometimes if I really feel in the mood I have my protein pudding which is made with non fat Greek Yogurt.

Make sure you practice good sleep habits or say goodbye to a good night sleep.

picture of a women sleeping on a pillow

picture of a women sleeping on a pillow

Tips For Better Sleep

You probably already know I love using Lavender essential oils from Young Living because it puts me to sleep instantly. However, I found another trick that really puts me into a deep sleep right away even if I got up to use the bathroom during the night.

  1. Sleep sounds on Google Home Mini - I have a Google Home Mini in my room, it was a gift that I got for Christmas and it has sleep sounds built into it. My favorite sleep sound is ocean and it sounds just like the ocean. Ahh deep sleep at last.

Are Your Sleep Problems Gone Yet?

Are your sleep problems gone yet from trying some of my tips and tricks above? Let me know in the comments below. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

Time To Sleep Well

Time to sleep well without anymore sleep problems, avoid these seven common mistakes and you should start feeling refreshed in the morning again from a good night sleep.

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