OMG! The Best Self Care Ideas for Anxiety Ever!

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self care ideas for anxiety

Once upon a time I use to work 90+ hours a week on my website. I finally took a step back and realized that it was not good for my health. Today I am going to tell you about self care ideas for anxiety

Some people think self care is hard to do, but it doesn’t have to be. You may find that some of these tips will work for you so keep an open mind.

What Is Self Care?

In my opinion self care is doing an activity that you like to do which helps distract you from work for a short amount of time.  This is done without any distractions meaning no email, social media, and no worrying about work or chores that need to be done.

Self Care Tips For Middle School Students

Play Video Games

When I was growing up I always wanted to play video games when I got home from school. However, my brother always needed the computer for school work. My parents wouldn’t allow me to play videos games until I was done with my homework.

Personally if I had kids I would let them play for 1 hour. When that hour was up I would make them do their homework.

Read A Book

Last year I only read one stinky book last year. Usually I read about 10 or 12 a year on average during a year. So I finally decided to take matter into my own hands to read more books. I setup a reading schedule for 2 hours on some days and an hour on other days.

If your kids are feeling stressed from reading boring old text books every day in middle school. Try to encourage them to read a book that they like to read. Go check out Good Reads that has a lot of recommendations of books that you may like.

One other thing to mention about Good Reads is that they offer a reading challenge so you can see how many books you have read in a year. I actually like this feature because I can follow my friends and family members to compete with them to see if I can read more books than them.


Exercising is a great self care idea for at any age. I wish I had more exercise when I was kid so I didn’t get bullied because of my weight.

Make sure your kids get plenty of exercise even after school just to help them take a break. Take them to a park to play catch or play catch in the backyard. If you have a basketball hoop in your driveway shoot hoops with your kids.

Parents exercise is crucial for your kids to start practicing it early because when they get older more middle schools and high schools are going to block scheduling. Meaning instead of an hour class they will have a two hour class. With all that sitting is not good for anyone. Plus who knows if schools will keep gym time?

Hangout With A Friend

When your kids get home from school let them go hangout with a friend. But make sure you arrange it for your kids. Talk to the parents of your kids friends so that your kids come back home with enough time to do homework.

The reason why I am suggesting this idea is because I see more kids on their phones than actually hanging out with each other in person. Maybe your kids might not get to see their friends in school at all so it gives them a chance to stay in touch with each other.

Talk To Your Grandparents

When I grew up I visited my Grandpa and Grandma every summer at the lake house. Those are memories that I will never forget. As I got older I got more things to do, but I still stay in touch with my Grandma whether its by phone or by email.

I find it very beneficial to talk to people that you don’t get to see everyday because they give you a different perspective on things. Plus I really enjoy it when my Grandma tells my mom when she is wrong when I am right.

One of the rules when I visited my Grandma during the summer was never argue with her. The reason why is because shes always almost right. Shes almost always perfect just like Marry Poppins.

Have Them Talk To Their Cousins

I have a lot of cousins and I get a long with all of them. Talking to my cousins when I see them helps me get another different perspective. It is also another form of taking care of yourself because you are asking for other people that care about you for their opinions.

Talk With Your Brother Or Sister

This won’t apply to everyone, but if you are close to your brother or sister have a talk with them. Most brothers and sisters are great listeners. Personally I should reach out to my brother more often for tips so I can expand my circle of people for advice.

Watch A YouTube Video

I personally love watching YouTube videos when I am feeling stressed out or frustrated. Sometimes I listen to my favorite comedians on YouTube or watch a funny line in a movie. Some of my favorite comedians include Ron White, Bill Engvall, Larry The Cable Guy, Jeff Foxworthy, and of course Robin Williams.

Watching YouTube videos helps me relax and laugh when I had a rough day. Just make sure your kids listen to age appropriate stuff when they are on YouTube.

Talk To A Therapist

I personally talk to a therapist to help me with my stress, anxiety, and frustrations. They also help me with making the best decisions in my life. If your kids wants to talk to someone about their stresses, anxiety, and frustrations then set them up with an appointment for them.

They just to find someone they can trust and stay neutral on certain disagreements between parents and kids.

Self Care Tips For College Students

The next set of tips that I am going to talk about are self care tips for college students. These tips have worked for me in the past while I have been going to college.

Listen To Music

My favorite thing to do while I am driving to college is to listen to AC/DC in my car. One of my favorite songs that I love to listen to is called Hard Times. The reason why it’s my favorite because it reminds me of the struggles that I had to overcome to be where I am today.

Listening to music helps me to let loose and just enjoy the moment. Which helps me get my mind ready for the next daunting task that I have to overcome.

Listen To A Podcast

In my opinion podcasts help me take a step back from what I am doing to ask myself if I am still heading in the right direction towards my goal. It’s kind of like a checkup at a Doctors appointment or a progress report.

Some of my favorite podcasts include Lewis Howes School of Greatness, GoalDigger, and ProBlogger. These podcasts help motivate me in different ways. The School of Greatness podcast provide inspiring messages and stories from entrepreneurs to athletes.

The GoalDigger focuses on women entrepreneurs but she also has male listeners as well. But she provides inspiration, and business tips and tricks for people who want to start their own business.

ProBlogger gives me tips and tricks on building a successful blog. They also provide helpful marketing strategies and they also bring on other bloggers who have made it to the top of Google. One day I hope I am sitting there as well.

This next tip might sound very shocking coming from me because I don’t personally do it anymore. Plus this is a healthy living website and this tip kind of bends the rule of what this website stands for.

Watch A Netflix Show

Now please don’t take this the wrong way, I am not telling you to binge watch a Netflix show. I am telling you watch An EPISODE of your favorite show.

I use to do this until I started watching more than one episode. I kind of felt like this self care idea was useful at times, but not anymore. It helped me a little to well by turning off my thinking cap and get me sucked into the show.

If you personally want to try this method make sure you set a timer on your phone so that you will stop yourself from watching another episode. Perhaps even tell your roommate to help you get back to homework.

Talk To A Professor

There were a lot of days when I met with my college professors to get extra help. Some were more willing than others to give me help. During this time the professor got to know me better one on one and they taught me tips and tricks to do better during the class.

When you are feeling down and out about the class go talk to your college professor. Like 99.9% of the time professors are willing to help dedicated students. By doing might help relieve stress, frustrations, depression levels.

Talk To Your Parents

Even though you may disagree with your parents 99.9% of the time they still have a lot of knowledge than you. Here is an example yesterday my mom and I had a disagreement about the type of major I am in college. She told me that I never seem interested in getting an internship with another personal trainer to see what it’s like.

I told her four weeks ago that I would be interested in an internship once I finish my SEO course, and Marketing course for my blog. Plus I have to make back the money I spent last year and the beginning of this year. Then we both left it that we both understood where we are coming from.

Write In A Journal

This happens to be one of my many favorite examples of self care. Even though I don’t write in my journal every day it helps me look back at a situation of what went wrong. Plus it’s another way to vent without boring people to death that around you by complaining.

When In Doubt Bust Out The Essential Oils

This happens to be my favorite way to relieve stress, frustrations, and other emotions that I am feeling. Using essential oils helps me keep my moods in check without medication. I find this to work around 97% of the time.

Just an FYI your friends and family might tease you about using essential oils because some people think it’s girly. But I just ignore those people because I find that they work for me. Essential oils also helps me cope with stress

Do Something Creative

When I am stuck on what to do I start do something creative. Sometimes when I can’t think of anything to write about for my next blog post I try to just free write. Being creative has been a great relaxer for me in high school. A lot of my electives were art classes because I just simply love making art.

Next time when you feel stuck sit down and do something creative. I don’t care if it’s free writing, drawing a picture, or some creative tool like photo shop on your computer. Just get let those creative juices flow to let your mind wonder somewhere else before you hit the books hard for school.

Take A Drive In Your Car

The last tip that I have to offer is just take a drive in your car. It could be just around the block or just in your local community. But getting outside and driving around sometimes help me clear my mind because I have to focus on driving and nothing else.

However, if you are a driver who tends to be full of road rage on the road then please avoid this tip. We don’t need people on the road who are like that.


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