Restarting The Week Over In My 80 Day Obsession Journey

80 Day Obsession Journey

80 Day Obsession Journey

My Latest 80 Day Obsession Post

Remember in my last 80 Day Obsession post I said that this week has been completely strange and not normal for me?  Well, I truly mean that.  In case you have missed my last 80 Day Obsession post here is a little refresher.  Why Am I Feeling Fatigue This Week? Since this past week has been nothing but struggles, I decided restarting the week over would be a better idea.

The Benefits Of Restarting?

Going to be tagging along with my mom in who is still in phase two in week one.  So we can motivate each other.  Another benefit of starting the week over is that maybe I can push past my limits some more.

I Owe It To Myself

No one is making me do this 80 Day Obsession journey.  Even though I bought this program for my mom I decided to do it with her. I owe it to myself to finish these 80 days with everything that I got and not dogging it like I did this week.  Since I owe it to myself, I am better off restarting this week.

Life Happens

Life happens and the struggles are real.  This week I did not feel like pushing myself past my limits.  But I will not give up on this 80 Day Obsession journey.  I can only improve from this week by restarting and that's what I am going to do.

How Will My Restart Work?

I will finish week one of phase two with my mom then go into week two of phase.  After that, I will continue where I left off starting in phase three.  How does that sound to you?  I am ready to give it all I got starting tomorrow and then I will have my day off on Sunday.

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