Reasons Why People Like Alex Rider Series

alex rider series

alex rider series

I Love Reading Books

I love reading books when I am not busy with school work.  I have read probably around over 100+ book in my life so far.  Some of my favorite series that I enjoyed reading have been Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Alex Cross, and the Alex Rider series to name a few of my favorite series.

The Background History Of The Alex Rider Series

Alex Rider used to be a normal teenager who went to public school and lived with his friend Jack Starbright.  However, that all changed once MI6 hired him to become a spy just like his Uncle.  Check out the book here.  

Reasons Why People Like Alex Rider Series

I feel like some people like the Alex Rider series because the book is an action and adventure book.  In my opinion, Alex Rider reminds me of the James Bond movies.  Plus who wouldn't want to be a spy for MI6?  I know I would like to be a spy. Why may you ask?  The reason why I would like to be a spy is that you get cool gadgets and no one would know that you live a double life.  I say that would be a pretty cool job, right?

Why I Recommend Reading This Series?

Why would I recommend the Alex Rider series?  The series keeps you hanging on to your seat while reading each book.  It's full of action and it's fast pace.  Alex Rider is a hero in these books.  In this day and age, we all need heroes and who wouldn't want to read about a super cool hero who is a spy?  

Go Check Out This Book

If you like action and adventure books, then you will love this series like that I do.  Another reason to go check out this series is that if you are a fan of James Bond then you will love this series too.  Want to know what Alex Rider and James Bond have in common?  They both work for MI6.  Of course James Bond is not in the book, but I am just saying if you remember the James Bond movies he works for MI6 too.

Let Me Know What You Think

Let me know what you think of the series and let me know which one was your favorite book?  Since we are all done until tomorrow here now would be a good time to go check out the book to see if you like the series.