How To Avoid Sore Throats?

How To Avoid Sore Throats

How To Avoid Sore Throats

Getting A Sore Throat

Getting a sore throat is horrible.  Your throat is full of phlegm and other gunk you don't need.  Some people use throat logins and gargling with salt water to help cure it.  Others try to use two pillows to help stay elevated at night so the gunk does not slide down one's throat.  However, by using two pillows will make you lose sleep and become extra tired and you still get one.  Well, what if we tell you that our founder is on to something.  He doesn't know if it's scientifically proven, also he is no medical expert but Jimmy did a simple trick that helped him fight off one.

Jimmy's Trick

Want to know Jimmy's tricks for avoiding a sore throat?  When you start feeling like you are coming down with an irritated throat while you are in bed sleeping or trying to sleep.  Roll over on your left side to let all of the gunk that is trying to come up roll back down your system and stay down.  This way you don't need the hassle of two pillows or gargling with salt water.  Our founder is just going on a hunch here but when he felt his throat started to become irritated he rolled on his left side and in just an hour or two later he felt like he just avoided an uncomfortable night sleep.

This May Not Work For Everyone

Jimmy's trick may not work for everyone so don't be mad at him if it does not work.  Our founder is only going on a hunch that worked and he just wanted to share with everyone a trick that may help you too.  We read a lot of articles talking about how sleeping on your left side is good for you.  For an example, some studies say that sleeping on your left side can help digest your food more easily than sleeping on your right side.  For all our founder knows he just found another benefit of sleeping on your left side or our founder could have found a new scientific way to avoid sore throats.  We may never know or at least not now anyway.

There You have it...

So now you know how you can avoid a sore throat too.  Do you think our founder is on to something here?  Like we said he is no scientific expert, we do not have any real evidence to back it up, only Jimmy's word on his fading sore throat.  In our opinion, if Jimmy was a scientist right now this instance and telling us this without any real evidence, would make him a pretty bad scientist.  However, you got to admit it's pretty clever that he tried something and it worked.  Next time if you start feeling like you have an irritated throat, try our founders trick and let us know if it worked for you!  If you find this article interesting please share it and spread it around!