Purification Essential Oils Uses At Home Has The Answer To Everything

purification essential oils uses at home

purification essential oils uses at home

Purification Essential Oils Uses At Home Has The Answer To Everything

According to Young Living Essential Oils, there are multiple ways that one can use purification essential oils uses at home.  Let's check out some of these uses today, shall we?

Purification Essential Oils Uses At Home

You can use Purification to have a clean smelling house.

It doesn't matter if you are sitting around watching tv, reading a book in your room or in the kitchen.  You can place cotton balls around the house that has Purification on them.  Just place the cotton balls in vents, drawers, and shoes to get rid of those nasty smells.

Laundry Day

When you have guests in your house they need to have some essential stuff in order to stay for the night.  Sheets and towels and spare toothbrushes.  Add these ingredients to a spray bottle the next time its laundry day in your house.

  1. 1 oz of water.

  2. 1 oz of witch hazel

  3. 15 drops Purification Essential Oil

If you are not going to have any guests anytime soon then just add 2-4 drops of Purification to your laundry or your dryer balls.


Bathrooms can be smelly if they are not cleaned on a weekly basis so it's important to keep it smelling fresh in there.  You can use Purification on the toilet paper roll and even use cotton balls with Purification between trash cans.  You can create a cleaner for your sinks and counter by following these steps.

  1. one capful of Thieves Household Cleaner

  2. 10 drops Purification Essential Oil

  3. 2-3 cups of water

Another great purification essential oils uses at home is to diffuse Lemon Essential Oil in the bathroom.

There You Have It

There you have it Purification essential oils uses at home.  We hope that you enjoyed this post.  If you have any other uses for Purification Essential Oils, please share them in the comments below.