Omg! The Best Essential Oils Ever!

The Best Essential Oils Ever

The Best Essential Oils Ever

Another Essential Oil Post

You might have noticed that we have posted about essential oils before in this post Best Way To Fall Asleep

But we decided to post about sleep again because sleep is very important and we know that most of you do not get a lot of sleep during your younger years. Also, our founder was very tired when he was thinking about having us write this post he decided on a sleep post for tonight.

Our Favorite Essential Oil

Our founder loves to use essential oils.  It makes him sleep like a tired baby.  Just knocks him out and put him to sleep right away.  Want to know his favorite essential oil is?  His favorite essential oil is Lavender because it put's him right to sleep.  However, they are a few other ones that can do the same thing like Lavender does.

  1. Ylang-Ylang

  2. Cedarwood

  3. Frankincense

We have to be honest we never knew that Frankincense can put you to sleep.  If you want to get creative you can mix oils together in your diffuser.  Lavender and Cedar Wood is a great blend of a good night sleep.  We have not tried Ylang-Ylang, but we might try it sooner or later depending on if we want to get it.

If You Are Interested

If you are interested in learning more about essential oils and their benefits go check out our favorite essential oil company here.  Young Living Essential Oils.  We highly recommend everyone start using these products because they are awesome.  Also, you can earn reward points and redeem them for free products, how cool is that?  We know that we love free stuff!  Do you like free stuff?  If not then you are crazy nuts in a bad way!

Bye For Now

As we are writing this post our founder is falling asleep in his chair.  We kid you not he just took an online test for his weightlifting class, and after a long day he is starting to fall asleep.  Hopefully, we can get him to wake up so he can go on home before he falls to sleep in the office again.  Anyway bye for now and let us wish our found good luck to the doctors tomorrow.  Jimmy is going to the doctors for a hurting right arm.  He is not sure when that started to happen but hopefully, it's nothing bad.  Peace out!