Now Is The Time For You To Know The Truth About Seasonal Allergies

truth about seasonal allergies

truth about seasonal allergies

Hello Allergy Season...

Seasonal allergies are the worst time of year, however, I don't mind it as much as winter.  Unfortunately, I am allergic to pollen.  Mother nature really hates me lol.  Today we are going to talk about the symptoms of allergies and allergy relief.  Disclaimer: you might start sneezing at the end of this post.

Allergies Are The Worst

When I was younger I found out that I was allergic to pollen.  Every time I sneezed in class the other kids always thought I was sick.  They didn't know better.  I remember there was this one allergy season that was the highest pollen count ever, that none of the over counter allergy medicine did work.  So, I had to go to the doctors to get a prescription.  Finally, it made me feel much better.

Remember That Post

Remeber how my team told you about how I wasn't sleeping well the last few weeks?  If not then let's have a recap, shall we? Why You Must Experience Always Tired At Least Once In Your Lifetime.  Without any restful sleep, you will feel like a walking dead zombie.  Look at this post from yesterday on how I felt during day 68 of 80 Day Obsession.  I Will Tell You The Truth About Leg Exercises In The Next 60 Seconds.  Trust me, you don't ever want to feel like that.

I Think I Figured It Out

I think I figured out why I haven't been sleeping well at night.  If you guessed that my seasonal allergies are starting to kick in, then you are 100% correct.  If you have allergies, but you don't what to look for.

Symptoms May Include:

  • stuffy nose

  • sneezing

  • sniffling

  • watery eyes

  • itchy eyes

  • a dry cough

  • a headache

Allergy Relief

So what can you do about these allergies that you have?  There are so many different kinds of allergy medicine.  I tend to stick with the brand kinds and not the generic kind.  Here are some of the brands that I have used that worked for me.  Please keep in mind that some of these brands might not work for you.  Sometimes it might take more than a week to see a difference in allergy relief

  1. Allegra D

  2. Claritin

  3. Zyrtec

What Am I Using?

I am currently using Claritin which I just started today.  However, if I am not seeing any results from Claritin, I am going to switch to a different medicine either next week or the following week.  But I have to say once I took Claritin today I started to feel the allergy relief kicking in.

What Are You Allergic To?

What are you allergic to?  Is it pollen, dust, trees, flowers? Which allergy medicine helps you find relief?   Please let me know in the comments below.