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My Stress Story While In College

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On our healthy living blog, we talk a lot about different kinds of stress, so I thought I would share my stress story that I had to go through in college.  

My Stress Story

My stress story takes place 2 years ago in college.  I was in Math class at the time, I am not strong with calculating numbers in my head.  Just in general math is not my strong suit. Let's just say to sum up math for me is that the calculator is my friend.

So the first Math class that I took in college was a prerequisite that I had to take to continue in college.  My Math teacher helped me get through it by helping me after class during her office hours.

She taught me math in a way that made sense to me.  I give a lot of credit to teachers out there who can make a hard topic for me very understandable to me.  There were a few stressful moments where I got my first C on a test.

The reason why I felt stressed about the C on the test is that my parents told my brother and I when we were younger, that if get a C on a test that we would be grounded for a week.  So how cannot overreact to that score on the test when I saw that?

However, when I got home from class that day I told my parents I got a C on the Math test.  They told me oh well better luck next time. I was like wait a minute you are not going to ground me?  My parents looked at me like I got hit in the head too many times.

I explained to them how they use to be so hard on grades when my brother and I were younger.  They actually said sorry to me that they were that way. I forgave me of course, but this whole adult world so weird because since when do my parents stop caring about my grades all of a sudden?

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My Big Stress Story Happened In The Next Semester

After I finished that Math class I had to take an advanced Math class.  This semester I experienced what I like to call my big stress story. Here’s what happened during the next Math class that I had to take in college.  

I had the same Math teacher again which I thought was a good thing until the whole semester went out of whack.  Trust me I hate when stuff gets out of whack because then it messes up my routine that I can’t live without.

My teacher barely showed up to class during the semester.  We had so many canceled classes and so many subs that it was causing me a lot of stress.  Finally when it started getting really close to the final that the stress consumed me.

With all the canceled classes and subs.  Plus the Math final inching closer towards the end of the semester the stress got worse to a point I woke up the next morning with a splitting headache.  

Eventually, the headache became more painful that I couldn’t stand it anymore.  I started to take my stress out on my parents which was not the right thing to do.  But at the time when my headache wouldn’t go away, I didn’t care how I treated anyone in my family.

My headache drove me to the point where I had to go to the Hospital.  The doctor at the Hospital told me I was suffering from a Tension Headache.  Which occurs from stress, worrying, frustration, etc. It sounded fake to me until I googled it.  

The next day was the final in class so I got to school early and sat in the parking lot for 30 minutes before the test.  It was my lucky day because I heard 5 AC/DC songs on the radio and I was wondering why that was happening.

Usually, there can only be two reasons why a radio station plays back to back songs from the same artist.  The first reason is that the artist has passed away, on their death bed or was in a very serious accident. The second reason is that the artist or band is celebrating a birthday.

Fortunately, it was Brian Johnson birthday, so I was just rocking and rolling in my car while was in the parking lot waiting for my final.  When I went to class to find out about the final I got a surprise from the teacher. It was an open book final which took a big load off of my shoulders.  

All of that stress and worrying was for no reason but at the time I didn’t know that.  Looking back at the moment in my life made me realize I need to practice not being stress anymore and letting the small problems go.  

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The Point Behind My Stress Story

Here are a few points that I hope everyone can take away from my stress story.

  • Too much stress will send you to the hospital if not careful

  • Don’t stress over the little stuff

  • Keep everything in perspective

  • Ask yourself if this is a big problem or little problem

  • Practice eliminating stress from your life

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Don’t Let Stress Win

To sum up my whole story I think the big take away is don’t let stress win over your life.  The next time when you get stress come back and revisit this story and ask yourself do I really need to stress about this?  Perhaps you are just being too hard on yourself and that’s why you are feeling stressed.

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