Clear And Unbiased Facts About ALLBIRDS SHOES (Without All the Hype)

Picture of my allbirds shoe

Picture of my allbirds shoe

What Is My Opinion About These Allbirds Shoes? Find Out In My Allbirds Shoes Review

I want to say a quick thanks to my local library who is letting me use their quite room while I am writing about my Allbirds shoes review.  

My Allbirds Shoes Review

I am by no means in the fashion industry or in the modeling industry, but I had to share my Allbirds shoes review on my website.  In this review you will learn the following:

  1. What are Allbirds shoes and who created them

  2. What are Allbirds shoes made of

  3. Where you can buy Allbirds shoes and how much do they cost

  4. My opinion about Allbirds shoes and would I recommend them

With that being said let’s get this review started and I hope you will enjoy this post as much as I enjoyed writing it.  

What Are Allbirds Shoes And Who Created Them?

Allbirds are an eco-friendly shoe that is made in New Zealand and the soles of the shoes are made in Italy.  Their headquarters are located in San Francisco. The company was founded by two people named Tim Brown, and Joey Zwillinger.  

What Are Allbirds Shoes Made Of?

Allbirds shoes are made of Merino wool from New Zealand.  There other shoes like the Tree runner are made from trees which I find to be really cool.  Their foam material is even made out of sugarcane which is from Southern Brazil. Sugarcane relies on rainwater and it grows fast.  

Other Materials That Allbirds Are Made Of

According to Allbirds they use recyled bottles of water for the shoe laces which actually makes me want to recycle more often.  At least there a company using recycled material, rather than letting it sit in a landfill and rot.

Their shoe boxes are made from 90% of recycled boxes which again I applaud them for.  Too bad not all companies are eco-friendly like Allbirds just saying.

Where Can You Buy Allbirds And How Much Do They Cost?

You buy Allbirds from Nordstroms, Alllbirds official site.  You can also visit their store in New York City, San Francisco, and London.  They cost $95 dollars and they offer a 30 day no hassle return guaranteed. So now it comes down to what is my opinion of Allbirds shoes?

My Opinion About Allbirds Shoes And Would I Recommend Them?

In my opinion hands down I think these are the comfiest shoes that I ever bought in my life.  No I am not getting paid to write this review about them. They are so comfortable they feel like slippers.  Would I recommend them? Yes, I would and I will tell you why.

I Would Recommend Allbirds Shoes Because…

I would recommend Allbirds because they are comfortable to wear.  Plus I am glad that at least one company in the world is trying to save our environment. At first, I thought $95 dollars were too steep for a pair of shoes, but then I realized my old pair of gym shoes cost like $130.  So technically Allbirds are cheaper than the higher name brand shoes.

Allbirds Shoes Pros And Cons


  • Allbirds are cheaper than name brand shoes

  • Allbirds are comfy and cozy

  • Allbirds are made from eco-friendly material while other companies are not made from eco-friendly material

  • Very fashionable without any big logos on them or fancy designs


  • They are not meant for running marathons which I don’t do anyway

  • Not really meant for weightlifting in, but if you do make sure you give yourself enough distance between the weights and the shoes so in case you drop a weight it doesn't land on your foot.

  • $95 is still 95 dollars.  I get it the company needs to make money but 95 dollars is still $95 and it still steep for people wallets.  However, I might make an exception to get another pair in the future because they do keep my feet warm in the winter months.

That’s A Rap For My Allbirds Shoes Review

With that being said that’s a rap for my Allbirds shoes review.  Like I said the shoe is so nice and cozy, I like the company for being eco-friendly, very fashionable, cheaper than brand name shoes.  But it still very pricey for a shoe. However, I think they are my new favorite shoe.