Most Effective Ways To Overcome By Negative Family's Problem

surrounded by negative family’s problem

Surrounded By Negative Family

I would like to apologize for not posting yesterday.  I was basically in a foul mood all day yesterday because of this new GDPR EU Regulation for my website, but another thing came into play too.  Surrounded by negative family members.

Believe It Or Not

Believe it or not, I was not always so negative until I became an adult.  Before we go any further I would like to say this post is not a bashing post about my family, but the negative thoughts are putting a damper on my parade.  Now that I got that off my chest, let's continue this story, shall we?

What Happened?

So yesterday I was driving for Lyft to make some extra money.  I had to drive all the way to the airport by myself for the first time in my life.  But before I got to the airport I had to be stuck in traffic for an hour and seven mins.  The traffic was caused by road construction.  However, the road was closed for no reason because the work crew was just sitting in their trucks.  After I dropped my rider off I got stuck in more traffic.  So you can see that added a damper to my day.

The Continuation Of My Bad Mood

Before I even picked up my second rider I got an email from a lawyer saying he can't help me with a situation that I asked him to look at two weeks ago.  He never gave me a follow up so I had to follow up with him and then I get that kind of response.  That didn't help me with my moods.  When I got home I checked my emails again and I keep hearing this new regulation called the GDPR.  To be honest it's the most confusing law that 97% of companies around the world that don't understand it.

Then My Parents Tried To Reassure Me

To be honest I do not like when people try to reassure me when they do not understand whats happening.  My Dad who was trying to understand was giving different information about GDPR from multiple sources, which is helpful but since this new law is confusing no one has one consistent answer.

I Keep Having Mood Swings

My parents have been telling me the last few months running this website that I am unhappy.  I was angry with them telling me this because I know I have been unhappy with running this website.  Here are a few reasons why I have been unhappy.  The first reason is why I have been unhappy with running this website is because I can't figure out how Google ranks websites.  The second reason is that it's putting a lot of stress on me and my team running this website.  A lot of tools is put into running a website.  More tools equal more stress.  So I keep having mood swings.

People Around Me

People around me have been telling me that I am negative and they don't want to be around me.  It makes me feel bad.  I get it that they are being honest, but sometimes I pick these up from other people.

Where Do These Swings Come From?

In my opinion, I feel like that my mood swings come from running this website and sometimes my parent's negative attitudes.  Yes, kids can pick up on negative attitudes.  Remember that saying surround yourself with good people?  Well, that's easier said than done.  So how am I going to deal with these mood swings?

There You Go...Now It's Your Turn

There you go now it's your turn on how to survive by being surround by negative family members.