I Will Tell You The Truth About Mcdonalds Self Service Machines

Mcdonalds self service

In The Next 60 Seconds I Will Tell You About Mcdonalds Self Service

Mcdonalds self service system is already biting them in the butt. They found something so gross on the machine that no one wants to hear. Learn more.

Mcdonalds Fast Food Kiosk Is Full Of Fecal Matter A.K.A Poop

According to Delish.com, the Metro did a random testing at six different Mcdonalds locations in England where all the machines were tested. All the machines were tested positive for poo. Excuse me while I vomit real quick.

There Were So Much Fecal Matter On The Fast Food Kiosk

According to a Senior Lecturer in Microbiology at London Metropolitan University Dr. Paul Matawele, "We were all surprised how much gut and [fecal] bacteria there was on the touchscreen machines. These cause the kind of infections that people pick up in hospitals." 

Among That Bacteria There Was Even More Fecal Matter

Among those bacteria was staphylococcus, which has been linked to Toxic Shock Syndrome. Matawele called the bacteria "so contagious." He was also concerned about the listeria, klebsiella, and proteus strains found, each of which contributes to a different serious illness.

Doesn’t Look Well For The Fast Food Kiosks

It doesn’t look like it will end well for the fast food kiosks, I use to like Mcdonalds when I was growing up, but now I don’t ever need to eat at the Golden Arches ever again. Especially because they are full of poop, literally.

Will You Be Using Mcdonalds Self Service In The Future?

After reading about fecal matter on Mcdonalds self service, will you be using it in the future, why or why not? Let me know in the comments below.

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