Mcdonalds Salad Outbreak Is So Famous, But Why?

Mcdonalds salad outbreak

Bad News For Mcdonald’s Fans

According to Kevin Flower and Deborah Goldschmidt at CNN, there are 365 people who are sick from eating salad at Mcdonalds.  Mcdonalds started getting these parasites back in May.  It seems like more and more people are getting sick from these salads.  Today we are going to talk about which states that these incidents are happening in, other Mcdonalds salad outbreaks, and what are the symptoms of this parasite.

Mcdonalds Salad Outbreak Seems To Never End

There have been so many different reports about this parasite that was found in Mcdonalds salad.  Take a look at some of these other reports right now via these links.  Watch how these numbers keep going up over the last few days and weeks.

As you can see these reports keep coming in.  Just type into Google Mcdonalds salad outbreak, it's on every page of Google.  I wonder how many more reports will come out before this issue is resolved.

What Are The Symptoms Of Cyclospora Parasite?

The parasite is called cyclospora.  This parasite can cause intestinal problems to people who consume contaminated food and or water.  The symptoms could kick in a week or more after consuming the parasite.  Some of the symptoms include diarrhea, explosive bowel movements, loss of appetite weight loss, stomach cramps, pain, nausea, gas, and fatigue.

How Long Can The Symptoms Last For and Can It Be Treated?

Reports say that it can last for a few days to few months.  They even say that it can go away and come back again.  So be careful once you start feeling better quickly.  It can be treated by using Antibiotics.

Which States Are Affected By This OutBreak?

According to CNN there are only 15 states that have been affected by this parasite.  But that's only so far more might come later on.  I can only say that I hope not for the people sake.  Here is a list of states that had these parasite salads.

  • Connecticut,

  • Florida,

  • Iowa,

  • Illinois,

  • Indiana,

  • Kentucky,

  • Michigan,

  • Minnesota,

  • Montana,

  • Nebraska,

  • Ohio,

  • South Dakota,

  • Tennessee,

  • Virginia

  • Wisconsin.

  • Connecticut,

  • Michigan,

  • Tennessee

  • Virginia

Are You Going To Stay Away From Mcdonalds After This Parasite

I use to eat at Mcdonalds when I was younger and after hearing about this parasite I am so glad I no longer eat there.  Will you still eat at Mcdonalds after reading this article about this nasty parasite?