Master Leg Workouts At Home In Just A Few Hours!

Leg Workouts At Home

Leg Workouts At Home

Continuation Of Peak Week

Where did we leave off?  Oh right, yesterday post.  See what happens when I don't post on the weekend in a long time?  You kind of forget what you are talking about.  Today we are going to be discussing leg workouts at home.  But before we can continue into today's topic of conversation, I have to remind you of yesterday's post.  How I Improved My intense cardio workout at home In One Day.

Today - Leg Workouts At Home

I have to say my leg is feeling much better today than yesterday because I was using a lot of heavy dumbbells.During my leg workout at home, I was using 25 pounds for squats and lunges.  There were only one or two exercises that I had to go down to 20-pound weights, but other than that I was doing some major leg work today.  It felt good to know that I did not do anything serious with my leg.  After karate last night, I went home and went downstairs to my basement to use my foam roller.  I would have to say that I spent 20 mins just foam rolling all the kinks and knots out that I found.  Let me tell you that it felt awesome!

I Made A Mistake...Sorry

Apparently, I forgot how to count from this workout, just kidding.  But seriously I just found out I still have two more days of my 80 Day Obsession journey, even though I went out on social media last night saying I have two as of yesterday.  I am truly sorry that I lost count, at least I admit that I am wrong, right?  I will try harder not to get ahead of myself in the future.

Monday - Total Body Core

I will be doing Total Body Core on Monday, so please come back to check out how I did with my workout on Monday.  Hope you have a wonderful weekend and please do come back!