Here Come New Ideas for Managing Social Media for Business

New ideas for managing social media for business

Managing Social Media Can Be Hard

Let's be honest, managing social media for business can be very hard especially if you don't know how to use social media for marketing your company.   There are a lot of people out there that does social media marketing every day for a living.  They probably took a lot of marketing classes in college and know way more than me.  The last few days I have been really overwhelmed on how I can manage my own social networks because my team won't manage my accounts for me.  However, they will make posts on the website and manage our website social media presence just helping me with mine.  Just like our last post  We Are Expanding Again On Social Media, having a bunch of different networks to manage can be tedious and overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be anymore.  I found a great tool that keeps me in check.

Social Media Is A Big Time Killer

Has anyone ever told you that social media is a big time killer?  Well, it can be if you let it.  I remember when I first got my Facebook account I was on it every day playing games and talking with my friends.   There nothing wrong talking with your friends on social media, but when you are trying to run a business like me managing social media for business is more important than looking at the never-ending newsfeed in social media.  After a while of looking at the newsfeed then you look at the clock and wonder what happen to my day, am I right?

Social Media Can Also Cause Stress And Depression

Social Media can cause depression and stress if you are not careful.  I started to feel depressed when I saw people that I know going places around the world like every single week.  So it seems that way to me at least in my opinion.  When I see those kinds of posts I start comparing my life to those people that I know.  Then I start asking myself "what am I doing with my life?"  Has this ever happened to you or is it just me?  Unfortunately, when running a business you have to be on social media constantly which causes stress.  For instance, I manage 3 social media accounts all from different apps.   My team manages 7 social media profiles for our website.  Totally insane right?  I told my mom if I met with a social media marketer in person today he or she would say that I am out of my mind.  They would probably suggest I should be managing social media for business in one app.

Put A Time Limit On For Managing Social Media For Business

I found a very helpful tool on the Google Play store that helps put a time limit on social media.  It's called Stay Focus.  It's a free app with a pro version, however there a catch.  The app developer lets you decide what you think the app is worth.  There are three different prices, which are $4.99, $6.99 I believe and $10.99.  The last two prices I forget because it was a while ago that I bought this app, but I do remember there were at least 3 different prices.

What I like About Stay Focus

Stay focus has been helping me to keep my social media time under control.  It blocks apps on daily usage after you spent the daily time you set.  It can also block in specified time intervals.  Plus you can even prevent these apps showing notifications when your time is up.  Bye bye, social media notifications!

Premium Features

Strict mode: restrict you from changing the settings until the next day.

Lock mode: requires a password for changing the settings.

What Are My Settings For Stay Focus?

I have a 15 min a day for Facebook, 20 min for Pinterest, 10 min for Tumblr, 10 min for Medium, 20 min for Twitter, 10 min for Bloglovin and 10 min for Google Plus.  All of these settings are set to a daily limit so I do not continue to waste my precious time on social media all day.

Who Is This App Reccommend For?

This app is recommended for people who are addicted to social media.  I believe that this app would help businesses keep their social media marketers.  How can it help social media marketers?  Well think of it this way if you are a social media marketer and you are on social media all day for a big company or a small company you might go insane.  This app would help them from going insane, give them a break, will you?  Set an interval schedule for them to market for you to let them do something else in the office, am I right?

I Hope You Enjoyed This Post About Here Come New Ideas for Managing Social Media for Business

I hope that you enjoyed this post about here come new ideas for managing social media for business.  If you work for a company or run a company you must persuade your boss or yourself to buy this app.  This app has been helping me limit my stress and depression from social media.  It may even help your business in the long run.  I don't know how those social media marketers keep managing social media for business for a living because I would just go insane from staring at every day.  If you have time please consider sharing this post for managing social media for business.

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