How To Deal With Curve Balls?

How To Deal With Curve Balls

How To Deal With Curve Balls

What To Do When Life Throws You A Curve Ball?

I had to deal with curve balls in my life it's not even funny.  However in this blog post I will give you some great ways on how to deal with curveballs.  If you follow me on social media you probably can tell that life has thrown me more than a few curveballs in my life.  Too many in my opinion.  So I want to talk to you about how to deal with curve balls that life throw at you. Before that let me tell you some of my curveballs that life threw at me today.

Unexpected Curve Balls Today...

So today I got up later than normal then I went to downstairs to have a shakeology shake.  Then I went to follow up on an issue that still has not been solved yet.  Went to school had an okay yoga class and a great weightlifting class.  Got home then everything fell apart from there.  What happen you may ask?  Well, I got another email from MyThemeShop customer support saying that they still can't log in to my website.  I removed and deactivated some tools that I thought might be causing the issue, still can't log in.  We called up my host they told me that they only block a few locations from accessing the backend of my website.  Well, then I ask MyThemeShop for their IP address to have my hosting company to look into this for me.

When Did This Start Happening?

This started happening 24 hourWells ago and still not fixed.  I am very flustered because me and my team been working our butt's off in providing a knowledgeable website for everyone and no one can seem to fix this problem.  I get tired of talking to third-party companies during the day.  One of the huge downfalls in running a website.  However, running a website is not always bad but this past week it just seems that life just throws curve balls at me all day long.  I am kind of getting sick of it.  Having curveballs in my life is just another obstacle that life throws at you.

How To Deal With Curve Balls?

To be honest with you I have not been very good at dealing with curveballs in my life.  When I was younger I use to have a tantrum because I couldn't find words on how to express my feelings.  Another side effect of having a bit of Autism.  Now that I am older I still have trouble with dealing with those unexpected situations that life throws at you.  So how to deal with curveballs?

  • Meditate - try meditation to help clear your mind. Also, think why did this curveball happen and how can I do better next time to avoid it?

  • Tell life to back down. Tell life to back down and tell it that you are in control if your life. You are also in control of your emotions.

  • Listen to music. There are some songs that are catchy when you are in a really funky mood. For an example, AC/DC one of my favorite bands has a song called Dogs of War. Well, whenever I am ready to face something challenging like talking to a third party company and their irritating support I play that song. If you have not yet heard that song then here is the link to it. Dogs Of War By AC/DC.

  • Take a break and walk away - if you need a break take one. When something irritates you then walk away from it and come back later.

  • Shake it off - the title of the Taylor Swift song called Shake It Off do exactly what it says. You should think to yourself it could be worse.

Okay, the last one I should take my own advice on.  I don't always take breaks and come back to a problem later.  Maybe I should try that next time so I don't get so irritated easily. what do you think?

There You Have It...

There you have it five awesome ways on how to deal with curve balls in life.  If you have any ideas that you would like to share with everyone please feel free to share them below in the comments.

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