Latest Developments In Leg Day Workout

leg day workout

leg day workout

My Latest 80 Day Obsession Workout Update

In case you missed Mondays 80 Day Obsession post here is a recap.  80 Day Obsession Cardio Core Adventures.Today I want to talk about leg day workout.  But before we can get to that we have to go over my Tuesday workout which was Cardio Flow.

Tuesday - Cardio Flow

Cardio Flow was different for me on Tuesday.  How was it different you may ask?  Somehow I got ahead of Auttum in Cardio Flow so after the first round of all of the exercises in Cardio Flow, I shut off the video so I can keep track of where I am in the workout.  How did I get ahead of her?  The last exercise in Cardio Flow is called mule to frog.  I skip this particular exercise because I am afraid I will land on my head.

Today - Leg Day Workout

Today was a leg day workout.  In my opinion, I crushed the workout because I  improved with the figure four exercise.  I also feel proud that I picked some heavyweights on the other exercises.  This week and next week is a 3 by 10.  I feel like the 3 by 10 week is easier than the 2 by 15.  I know it sounds silly but for whatever reason, the 3 by 10 goes faster than the 2 by 15 weeks.

Tomorrow - Cardio Core or Total Body Core

Tomorrow is either Cardio Core or Total Body Core.  I forget because I didn't take a look at whats coming next.  Which is a good thing because if I start looking ahead I probably start thinking of ways of skipping them.

Tip Of The Day

I forgot to mention to you that during my Cardio Flow workout, I did pushups on my knees because hurt left shoulder somehow.  If you are feeling pain anywhere on your body then stick with the modification that the trainer created.  Just don't skip your workout because you sprained something just modify modify and modify.  You will get through it, trust me on this one.

Check out My Next 80 Day Obsession Post on Friday

Come back tomorrow and check out what my team has in store for you, but please also come back and check out my next 80 Day Obsession post on Friday.  Catch you all later.  Oh and if you find this post helpful or inspiring please consider subscribing to our newsletter.  We promise we won't spam your inbox or sell your information.