The Truth About Killer Leg Workout Is About To Be Revealed

killer leg workout

killer leg workout

This Killer Leg Workout Will Make You Cringe

I just finished week 5 of Liift4, this killer leg workout will make you cringe after reading this article. Let the cringing begin.

During The Killer Leg Workout 50/50

During today’s workout went like this, first 3 blocks were weightlifting then it went into hiit exercises. After that then we went right into the core round. Last week in leg exercises without weights there were no weights, but this week there were weights involved.

During Round One Of The Killer Leg Workout

The first two moves in today’s workout were:

  1. Front Weighted Squat - 30 pound dumbbells

  2. Calf Raises - 30 pound dumbbells

By the 3rd set of both of these exercises my hands were slippery with sweat and I was praying that I wouldn’t drop the weight on my foot.

During Round Two Of The Killer Leg Workout

The next two exercises in round two were:

3. Goblet Squats - 30 pound dumbbells

4. Reverse Alternating Lunge - 30 pound dumbbells

I was really supposed to lighten the weight for reverse alternating lunge, but I think I missed that part in the program. No wonder my legs are super sore now.

During Round Three Of The Killer Leg Workout

The last two exercises in the lifting part of the workout were:

5. Dead Lifts - 30 pounds dumbbells

6. Alternating Side Lunge 15- pound dumbbells

Well, finally I listen carefully enough to lighten my weights on the side lunge. However, I think we can all agree that it’s a little too late to save my legs now.

During The Hiit Round Of The Killer Leg Workout

There were three exercises in this round that were very difficult. These exercises included:

  1. Fast Feet Burppies - 60 seconds

  2. Sumo Jumps - 45 seconds

  3. Triple Bear - 30 seconds

After finishing the hiit round of this insane workout, my legs were just crying with agony. The last time I felt something like this was when I did the 80 Day Obsession, but I think this time around it feels much much harder. I had a very difficult time with fast feet burppies because either I didn’t have the correct form or my legs didn’t want to participate anymore.

During The Core Round Of The Killer Leg Workout

The last two exercises before the workout is done were:

  1. Dumbbell Extensions

  2. Floor To Ceiling Leg Lifts

During the core round of today’s exercise my legs were feeling like cement blocks. Felt heavy, pain, sore. You name it I felt it. It felt so good to know that I was finished with leg day or am I?

After Killer Leg Workout Celebration

I was celebrating that I was finished week five of Liift4 and that I was done with leg day. However, then I just realized I still have Karate tonight. I was wondering how did I forget that?

After Killer Leg Workout Then Comes Karate Tonight

During karate tonight we will be practicing ducking. So when I duck under the pads that’s literally a squat exercise. While I am squatting/ducking then I have to step near my partner armpit to step to the side of him or her.

Kicking After Killer Leg Workout

Each karate technique has 3 or 4 maybe even 6 moves in them. Well on Tuesday night there were at least 4 if I just counted right. Since my legs are really sore I wonder how I will do when I have to kick in Karate tonight.

During The Strength Training Round In Karate After Killer Leg Workout

Near the end of each Karate class we a strength training round. I bet you can’t guess what the first exercise will be. If you guessed squats then you are correct. So technically my leg day is not even over yet. That workout this morning was just the beginning.


I pushed through this killer leg workout today by using a lot of heavy weights. Even though on some of the exercises I should have lighten up. It was amazing to know that it was over, but then I realized I still have to do more leg exercises in Karate tonight and now I am in big trouble.

Will I Make It Out Alive?

Before I wrap up this post today I was to leave you with one question. Will I make it out alive after Karate? Let me know in the comments below, will be looking forward to reading what you think.

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