Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know About Is Social Media Good Or Bad For You

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I have been doing this research paper for my college class called social media and privacy. So today I wanted to ask your opinion is social media good or bad for you? But before you make your decision I am going to present to you both sides, so pick wisely.

is social media good or bad for you

What Are The Positives Effects Of On Mental Health: (Explained)

Social Media Helps Us Stay Connected

I don't know about you but I have a lot of cousins on my mom's side and my dad's side of the family. I don't think I could stay up to date with what they are doing without it because some of my cousins are in different time zones. They also help to stay in touch with friends long distance.

close up of a extended hand

close up of a extended hand

Your Connections May Lead To New Job Opportunities

One of your friends or a new contact from school or a previous job might lead to a new job position. It's called networking and it's not leaving anytime soon. You might know someone with the right connection to hook you up.

football players running on a football field

football players running on a football field

Social Media Helps Us Keep Track Of Our Interests All In One Place

Instead of downloading an app for news, movies, tv shows, sports, etc. Social media has done a great job of keeping us updated on our interests front and center. All of the stuff that we like to read about in one place. Think about it if you didn't have an app that did that you would have to download multiple different apps.

By not having to download all those apps it also helps save space on our precious expensive phones.

big orange sale sign with white text in a display window

big orange sale sign with white text in a display window

Another Place To Sell Your Junk On

Instead of paying for shipping on eBay or other websites. Facebook has a marketplace where you can sell your junk to local people in your area. Perhaps Facebook doesn't like shipping fees either? I have never used it yet but perhaps maybe one day I will.

Selling your junk in the house it can help reduce stress and it's extra cash in your pocket.

black background with green friends text

black background with green friends text

Social Media Makes It Easier To Meet New Friends

Think about the last time you met someone new in college, work, or at a gym. You might have wanted to ask them 20 questions but realistically both of you are very busy people. If the two of you friend each other on Facebook you can learn about their interests like favorite bands, books, TV shows, movies, etc.

That way it saves you time from having a huge long conversation about likes and dislikes. Twitter helped me make new friends. His name is Luke Murphy he is an author, at first he was just a follower to me. But then we started talking about sports, writing, etc. We have been following each other for years now.

The Negative Effects Of Social Media On Mental Health (Explained)

People Compare Themselves With Others

Some people on social media want more followers like celebrities to have. The more followers they have the more attention they can get. Others might compare their body image because they want to look a certain way. They want six-pack abs, bigger biceps, bigger booty, etc.

Social Media Can Influence You To Buy Stuff You Can't Afford

Have you ever seen one of those ads on Facebook or Instagram where people are talking about this new product that you must have? In my social media feed, I get a lot of products for cars but the price tags are just outrageous. My dad even bought an item through Instagram that doesn't even work. I just simply can't afford to spend money on fake items. Don't forget these other 7 negative effects of social media on people and users.

They Can Influence You To Do Bad Things

These social media sites can show ads that can influence you to lose weight by taking pills that don't work. They can also show you smoking and vaping products. Which is also bad for your health.

Social Media Influencers Causes Problems

Have you seen some of these social media influencers and their wacky videos? These influencers have way too much control they can advertise fake products that don't exist and create fake news.

They get paid for doing wacky stuff and some of the stuff they do no one should ever try at home. They also show how big their houses are and how fancy their cars are. People need to remember not everything you see on social media or the internet is real. Did you know some studies show you just how social media is for mental health?

How Does Social Media Affect Teenagers?

Some teenagers want those perfect bodies because those influencers have them. They follow influencers that do stupid videos to get famous. Teenagers smoke because they see their friends smoking.

How Does Social Media Affect Self Esteem?

The Positive Effects Of Self Esteem

Social media can be a great place to help call out those companies who have a bad reputation to get help right away. It also helps you recommend products to followers, family, and friends. These sites also show a lot of quotes from people that are inspirational, motivational, and self-improvement. Which can help improve your overall well being?

The Negative Effects Of Self Esteem

People want many likes on their pictures and posts. More followers equal more attention. I know that I really want that verified checkmark on social media but unfortunately, they only verify celebrities, influencers, musicians, and politicians. In my opinion, they should verify me because I have a unique perspective but that's just me.

The Disturbing Side Of Social Media

I had to watch this documentary for my college class two weekends ago. It was called The American Meme. It was the most disturbing 1 hour and 45 minutes of my life. It featured social media influencers like Paris Hilton and a few others that I can't name. Not because I don't want to but some of their names are offensive.

The American Meme Was Just Awful

To sum up this disturbing documentary it was basically about these influencers on how they became famous. Some of them wish that they weren't but in my opinion, it's kind of hard to feel sorry for them when they choose that life.

Then Paris Hilton complained about not having a private life anymore even though she gave out her address to her house and her cell phone number. My teacher even asked us as a class if we would want to be famous. I said yes but it depends. If I became famous as a motivational speaker in the Autism community then yes. But if it's a viral video of me doing something stupid then no.

Social Media And Privacy Issues

If you haven't felt worried about your health using social media yet, then this might change your mind. Did you know social media websites collect a lot of data about you that is necessary? They collect the following:

  • Phone numbers

  • Political views

  • Religion views

  • Location information

  • Relationship status

These sites get away with it because they trick us by showing us a progress bar that says you're almost done filling out your profile. Instead of showing optional next to these fields we give that information up to these tech companies. By giving them this information we worry that our information will be hacked because of their lack of security.

Ask Your Self This

Do you think social media is good or bad for your mental health? Let me know in the comments below. I look forward to hearing what you have to say.

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