Is Noovie Arcade App The Most Trending Thing Now?

Noovie Arcade App

Noovie Arcade App

What’s Up With This Noovie Arcade App?

I know this is so off topic conversation for a healthy living website, but I have to ask what’s up with this noovie arcade app? Let’s find out shall we?

What’s Noovie Arcade App?

Noovie arcade app is sorta like a video game app, but it’s just filled with different arcade games. I don’t if you have seen it at your local movie theater, but I have seen it at mine. I was wonder what the heck is Noovie arcade app doing in the movie theater. Could this app potentially have some backfire on movie theaters?

Potential Backfire For Noovie Arcade App

While waiting for the movie to start I was wondering could this app have a potential backfire? In my opinion yes and here is why.

  • To much distraction before the movie - perhaps kids or other adults will get super noisy if they lose at one of the games? It has happen to me before while I was in my basement.

  • Kids may not want to put it away - maybe when the previews start the kids may or may not want to put away the phones.

  • People look at their phones too much - people look at their phones way too much now these days. According to Text Request people spend over 4 hours+ everyday on their phones. Take a look at the article because they have good graphs to look at. If you don’t believe Text Request how serious phone addiction is then take a look at my article here. Phone Addiction

  • Another app to get people addicted to - there are so many apps on the Apple Itunes Store and the Google Play Store. Do we really need another app to get us addicted to video games? Remember my post about video game addiction? If not here it is again. Video Game Addiction

Noovie Arcade App Could Have A Lot Of Backfire

As you can see Noovie arcade app could have a lot of backfire in the movie theaters. However, lets take a look at some of the positives.

Noovie Arcade App Positives

  • Entertains the kids - some parents get tired of entertaining their kids on a regular basis. Not saying they are bad parents, but its just a fact. Perhaps Noovie arcade app could entertain the kids before the preview, so parents don’t have to.

Noovie Arcade App Doesn’t Have Many Positives

Okay at least I tried to think of some positives for this Noovie arcade app. Perhaps Noovie arcade app doesn’t have many positives right. I literally just found out about it last weekend.

How To Make The Noovie Arcade App More Appealing?

I have an idea on how to make the Noovie arcade app more appealing. How about the developers partner with the movie theaters around the world and come up with a reward system to win free tickets, swag and other cool stuff. Because right now bragging rights in the only thing you get from the app, which is lame in my book.


As you can see there can be quite a bit of backfire because of this app, but on the other hand it can have at least one positive thing about it. But if the developers wants this app to succeed with the general public then they need to take my idea and partner with all the movie theaters around the world to make a reward system. Bragging rights are just lame in my opinion, am I right?

How Do You Feel About The Noovie Arcade App?

How do you feel about this Noovie arcade app? Do you think this will be a good thing for the movie theaters, why or why not? Let me know in the comments below.

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