Is It Good To Take A Multivitamin Everyday

Is It Good To Take A Multivitamin Everyday

Do you take a multivitamin everyday?  You are probably wondering is it good to take a multivitamin everyday.  You never believe the answer, learn more.

The Reason Why I No Longer Take A Multivitamin Anymore

Before I entered college I use to take a multivitamin everyday because my mom and doctor told me to take one.  However, once I got into college my nutrition teacher told me vitamins are useless. I was totally shocked.

Why My Nutrition Teacher Said Multivitamins Are Useless?

She said not all multivitamins are useless but a lot of them are just sugar cubes basically.    We did this experiment that fascinated me in class. We filled a cup of water with vinegar and I forget what else.  The whole point of the experiment was if the vitamin dissolved in the solution its useful, if not then it just sits in your immune system.

Bye Bye Vitamins

After that experiment I was like I am no longer taking anymore vitamins.  Now I eat more fruits and veggies to get the nutrients that I need. No more gummy vitamins or any vitamins that don’t do anything.

Fun Facts About Multivitamins

Did you know that out of all the government agencies that we have, not one of them monitors the vitamins?  So basically anything could be in your vitamins that you are taking. You can’t possibly tell me that doesn’t concern you because it concerns me.

The Truth About Vitamin Supplements

According to Business Insider you need to be careful of these types of vitamins.

  • Skip the gummies -    because you may not be getting the iron or other nutrients.

  • Avoid large vitamins - they take an hour to break down in your immune system, however the small ones only take 30 mins to break down and digest.

  • Be very specific - the single ingredient vitamin is your best bet according to Dr. Cooperman

Do You Still Think Vitamins Do Something?

After reading all of this do you still think vitamins do anything?  Let me know in the comments below.

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