5 Useful Tips From Experts In Insect Repellent Essential Oils List

Insect repellent essential oils list

Insect repellent essential oils list

I Just Love Essential Oils

I really love using essential oils because they don't have all those annoying side effects like medications do.  Today's post was submitted to my team by this guy named Mike who is a fanatic about essential oils like me.  He found this amazing infographic about this insect repellent essential oils list.

If You Can't Tell Yet I am Am A Essential Oils Fanatic

5 Ancient Oils That Might Be Used To Combat Superbugs

Superbugs got their name because they are indeed super. They used to be ordinary bugs, which we just get rid by using antibiotics. But they became resistant to our medicine, and therefore they grew stronger and more difficult to kill.

And they don’t seem to be stopping any time soon. They are even expected to be the cause of more deaths in a few more years. If they are already resistant to the antibiotics that we take, how will we ever get rid of them? Just imagine creating super antibiotics, only to find out years later that the superbugs will become resistant to them, too.

This is where essential oils come in.

What some people dismiss as placebo is actually effective medicine backed by well-researched science. Essential oils have come a long way in history. They were used in ancient times all over the world. And they were proved to be truly effective.

Essential oils are more than just good-smelling fragrances. They have medicinal and industrial uses. We don’t just rely on them as much as we rely on antibiotics because we think they aren’t as good as modern medicines.

Learn more about superbugs and essential oils in the infographic below provided by MikesGearReviews.com

I Need To Make Some Insect Repellent

I am going camping this coming weekend and I think I will need to make some insect repellent.  I am going to make some repellent when I get back to PA tomorrow.  What a perfect time for this kind of post, am I right?

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