If You Read One Article About Facebook Live Interview Read this One

My First Facebook Live Interview

I finally found a way to get a hold of my first Facebook Live interview that I wanted to share with everyone on my website. I apologize that it took long to get, but the wait will be worth it.

What Will You Learn During My Facebook Live Interview?

In my Facebook Live interview you will learn why I started CrazyFitnessGuy, how I started my workout journey, and what my crazy dreams are for my business and fitness journey.

At The End Of The Facebook Live Interview

When you are done watching the Facebook Live interview let me know what you think in the comments below. Just an FYI you might need headphones because it’s kind of hard to hear me speak because this interview was done on a phones microphone. Plus I can speak very low and I was a little nervous during the interview.

Enjoy The Facebook Live Interview…

I hope you will enjoy the Facebook Live interview as much as I enjoyed doing it. Sit back and enjoy the adventure of how my journey began with CrazyFitnessGuy and my fitness journey.

Jimmy Clare A.KA. CrazyFitnessGuy was interviewed by Rebecca K Thompson on Ask The Expert. Jimmy shares about his business dreams, and how he created CrazyFitnessGuy.