I Want To Try The Fixate Cookbook

Fixate Cookbook

Fixate Cookbook

Latest 80 Day Obsession Post...

In case that you missed my last 80 Day Obsession post, here is a quick refresher. Finished Day 42 Of 80 Day Obsession.  During some of these workouts, Autumn has mentioned that she has a cookbook called fixate cookbook.  I am quite curious about what kind of recipes that this cookbook has in it.

Fixate Cookbook - Only Thing I know

Autumn also mentioned that in the Fixate cookbook has healthy pancakes and waffles.  These are the only facts that I know so far.  This weekend I will plan to check out this Fixate cookbook for myself because it sounds delicious.

Yesterday - Cardio Flow

In my last post about my 80 Day Obsession journey update, I mentioned I was supposed to do AAA.  However, I switched it out with Cardio Flow because it doesn't make sense to do Cardio Flow on a karate night.  Am I right?  That would be overkill for the lungs.  The only exercise I skip in Cardio Flow is the mule to frog exercise.  I am too afraid that I will land on my head if I do that.

Today - AAA

Today was AAA.  I had to skip two exercises because of my neck issue.  The first exercise that I skipped had weights going over my head.  If I put weights over my head I put a lot of tension on my neck and I do not need that.  I forget the other exercise that I skipped.

Autumn Impresses Me

I said to my Mom that Autumn impresses me.  The reason why she impresses me because your body never gets used to the exercises.  I thought I would only need to foam roll once during this 80 Day Obsession journey.  However, I was totally wrong.  When I did P90X I felt sore for the first 4 weeks but then it mellowed out.  Well, I don't mean the exercises got easier, but I got stronger and my muscles did get kind of used to the routines.  I have used the foam roller during my 80 Day Obsession journey 4 times now.  That's impressive, right?

Time To Go Check Out That Cookbook

Time to go check out that cookbook.  Come back on Monday.  My team and I have a nice surprise to show you.  Stay tuned for more information.  Now let me find where that Fixate cookbook is.