How Where Is Your Happy Place Can Help You Improve Your Health

where is your happy place

where is your happy place

Think Of A Happy Place

Remember the movie Happy Gilmore and his golf coach said to Happy "think of your very own happy place?"  If not here is a link to that exact quote.  Happy Gilmore Happy Place Scene.  Where is your happy place?  Is it a home, work, school etc.  Today I am going to share with you my happy place and why I consider it a happy place.  Before I tell you about my happy place, first let's discuss what is a happy place?

What Is A Happy Place?

A happy place is a place where you can go to escape from real life.  It's a place where you can go that you feel good about yourself.  Plus it might be full of people who encourage you to do your best.   Perhaps it might be the latest vacation that you went on and you just want to go back there.   Even if you can't escape physically away from work to go back to that place, you can still go to that place by just closing your eyes and remember that happy place.

I Used To Have A Happy Place, But Then Things Changed

Remember how we talked about video game addiction on our website.  Well, Runescape used to be my happy place, until I started college and started thinking about what I want to do in life.  I know I couldn't play Runescape forever, I didn't have a happy place for a while.  Like I said in this post The Insider’s Guide to Video Game Addiction Warning Signs about video addiction Runescape filled a big gap in my life, but I knew that it wouldn't hold forever.

Where Is My Happy Place?

My happy place is at my Karate Dojo because I feel welcomed there.  There are a lot of interesting people that I have met there in just a year from returning to Karate after being gone for 6 years.

Why Do I Consider Karate As My Happy Place?

I consider Karate my happy place because people respect me there.  They don't treat me different because I am slightly autistic.  It doesn't matter what belt that I am wearing, what car that I drive, doesn't matter what color skin that someone has, everyone respects each other.  Plus everyone at Karate treats me like I am family.  They encourage me, they motivate me, and they really keep me interested to keep coming back.

How Can Your Happy Place Improve Your Health?

When you feel frustrated by your family, or your to-do list go to your happy place and feel at peace.  The last few days I was feeling overwhelmed by my shore house because the granite counter top just decided to come off the cabinet.  Then the next morning my dog Molly decided to poop in the house, just to make my life more difficult.  So I decided to go to my happy place in my mind and pushed through it.

Benefits Of Having A Happy Place

  • More opened minded

  • Less stress

  • More productive

  • More proactive

  • Less reactive

  • Feeling under control

Once You Have A Happy Place

Once you have a happy place you will start benefiting from it and trust me you will start to feel better once you have one.

Where Is Your Happy Place?

I would like to know where is your happy place?  Describe your happy place to me and share it in the comments below.  Looking forward to reading all about your happy place.  If you enjoyed this post please consider sharing it.

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