How To Start Reading More An Incredibly Easy Method That Works For All

How to read more in 2019

How To Start Reading More?

Looking back at the year I have realized that I did not read a lot of books this year and I feel ashamed in that.  How to start reading more in 2019? Follow these tips.

Why Was I Not Able To Read More Books This Year?

You might be wondering why was I not able to read more books this year?  There were a lot of factors that caused me not to read more books. Back in the summer my website was built on WordPress, I had to many troubleshooting days that took all day to fix.  

Pretty Lame Excuse But Its True

I know that I blame a lot of things on my website over this year which is pretty lame excuse but it is true.  There were some days where I was troubleshooting the same tools over and over again which ate up my time to read.

How to start reading more

Tips On How To Start Reading More In 2019

There are a few tips that I recommend on how to start reading more in 2019.  

  • Use Google Calendar Goals - Google Calendar has a way you can set up goals in Google Calendar.  Go into Google Calendar on your phone and click the + symbol and add a goal.  Create a reading goal so keep track on how many days you read during the week.

  • Don’t Read On A Phone - unless you have an app on your phone that can block distracting apps like social media like Stay Focused then I highly recommend you not to read on a phone.  When you read on a phone you start checking emails, social media, chatting with friends. Don’t worry it happens to me too.

  • Use A Kindle - I love using my Kindle Oasis because of the long battery life that last all week on a single charge.  What I also like about it is that I can read E books from my local library on it which helps me save money.  The last thing I like about it is that its lightweight so it easy to carry or shove into a coat pocket.

  • Read While You Are Waiting - I am not a patient waiter I am working hard on that, but if you are waiting for a doctor, transportation to show up, family members, waiting in line, being a passenger in car, then start reading.  

  • Limit TV - I only watch TV on the weekends now because I feel like there are no shows on that interest me to watch. Unless its Netflix which I could binge watch a few episodes in a row without commercials.  Set a TV limit for only the weekends and get ready to read more books.

  • Too Many Distractions - read at the library.  My library is nice and quite in fact I am currently there right now writing this post.  Sometimes people say their houses are too distracting, well I know mine is so just pick up your book and leave.  

If All Else Fails Join The GoodReads Reading Challenge 2019

Have you ever heard of the company GoodReads?  If so then you must know about their reading challenge every year?  They have a reading challenge every year to challenge everyone to read more books.  I believe last year I read 20 books when my goal was 12. Join the GoodReads reading challenge 2019 because it already started.  

Challenge A Friend To The GoodReads Reading Challenge 2019

On GoodReads you can connect with your friends on their platform.  Perhaps challenge a friend to the GoodReads reading challenge 2019 so you can continue to read more books.

My Reading Resolution For 2019

I have a reading resolution for 2019 for myself.  I want to read at least 12 books next year, and if I reach that goal I will increase it to 24 and so on.  Hopefully with my website now hosted on SquareSpace I will not have any more technical difficulties like I had on WordPress.  Good riddance to WordPress.

What Are Your Tips On How To Read More?

What are your tips on how to read more in 2019?  Give your tips and tricks and let me know in the comments below.  I will be looking forward to reading your comments.

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