How To Own Liift4 Chest And Triceps For Free

Liif4 Chest And Triceps

Liif4 Chest And Triceps

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Just Finished Day One - Liift4 Chest And Triceps

So I just finished day one of Liift4 chest and triceps. Let me tell you real quick before I dive into what was involved in this workout. Whatever was in my immune system last week while I was sick, just got knocked out of me during this workout. Just saying now let’s talk about liift4 chest and triceps!

During Liift4 Chest And Triceps

During Liift4 chest and triceps there were 3 rounds of weight lifting. Each round had 2 exercises. Then after the three rounds of weightlifting, then came the Hiit part. Hiit stands for (High Intensity Interval Training). During the Hiit round there were three exercises which we had to for three rounds. After that we were in for a brutal surprise, we had to do 2 core exercises for three rounds.

How Did I Do During Liift4 Chest And Triceps

So I probably just scared you off in doing Liift4 with the structure during day one. However, I going to tell you it wasn’t super bad, here’s why. I modified when I had to which happened to be during the Hiit exercises. Here is a quote that Joel Freeman says during the workout.

“modifying doesn’t mean it’s easy” Joel Freeman

I am telling you that quote because some people think that modifying means that it’s easier or they are cheating themselves. Let me tell you that person who thinks that is sadly wrong because when I was modifying, my heart rate was still high. I was also sweaty and sore.

What Weights Did I Use During Liift4 Chest And Triceps

I used 12-pound weights, 15-pound weights, 20-pound weights, and 25-pound weights. There were some instances where I switched out weights during certain exercises to drop down so I know I had correct form. Other than that the weights stay consistent.


Even though Liift4 Chest and Triceps was different and hard, I still gave it my all and a little bit more. That’s how to own Liift4 chest and triceps for free!

Just An FYI

If you are doing this workout along with me, make sure you drink plenty of water after these types of workout so you don’t get dehydrated.

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