How To Learn Is Sodastream Water Healthy?

is sodastream healthy for you

Have You Seen Sodastream On TV?

Have you seen those SodaStream commercials on TV?  I just saw one this past weekend and make me start thinking is it really healthier than soda?  We shall find out today is SodaStream water healthy for you?

What Is SodaStream?

SodaStream is a soda maker that you can make homemade soda without all the chemicals in it.  All you have to do is add a carbonated water filter to the soda maker then add one of the flavors that come with it.   Then you run the machine and then it turns your water into soda.  Sounds so fancy, right?  But the real question is if carbonated water is good for your health?

Is SodaStream Healthier Than Soda?

According to ABC News SodaStream can be healthier if you stay away from added sugar, dyes, and other sweeteners.  SodaStream uses sugar in place of high fructose syrup which is found in other sodas.  So if you stay away from the dyes that come with SodaStream, and the added sugars it could be healthier for you than soda.  However, water will beat soda any day of the week.

Would I Use SodaStream?

It took me a long time to quit drinking soda.  Why would I go back to drinking poison if it took me a long time to quit?  Even though SodaStream might be a healthier choice than soda, water will be the best choice to stay hydrated and healthy in the long run.  So I would not use Sodastream or even recommend SodaStream if you are trying to quit drinking soda.

Where Can You Buy A SodaStream?

After reading those articles about quitting soda did not persuade to quit drinking soda like I did and you must have a SodaStream then I can't stop you.  You might be wondering where you can find one of these fancy machines where you can make your own soda at home?  You can purchase SodaStream from AmazonTargetWalmartBestbuy and SodaStream Official Website.  The price starts at $44.99 on Amazon and it goes up to $179 dollars on SodaStream official website.

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