How To Learn Autism Communication Skills

Autism communication skills

Autism communication skills

Growing Up With Autism

Growing up with Autism has never been easy.  Especially when it has come to Autism communication skills.  My communication skills have gotten better over the years, but I feel like I can still improve.  Today I am going to share with you the communication skills that I have learned over the years.  After that, I am going to talk to you about how I improved my communication skills, then I am going to tell you how I can still improve them.

Autism Communication Skills That I Have Learned

Before we get started I want to point out some of these skills that I have learned may or may not help you.  Some of these skills I no longer use, but I just want to share them as a general piece of information that relates to this topic today.

The Card System

The first Autism communication skills I want to start off with is called the card system.  You are probably wondering what the heck is the card system?  The card system is made up of three different color cards.

  1. Green

  2. Yellow

  3. Red

Each of these cards means something different.  Green means that I am good and I can continue to work in class.  Yellow means I am okay, but my limits are close to hitting a brick wall.  Red means that I need to cool off my emotions and step aside from my work.  In my opinion, this system worked for a while, but then I felt people staring at them and talking behind my back about these cards.

Sit There And Stare Blankly At My Work

The second Autism communication skills that I actually came up with was sitting there and stare blankly at my work.  Now you are probably wondering why on earth would I just sit there like that?  I was scared to ask for help because of the bullies.  So I wasn't really sure how I could ask for help without feeling frightened that the bullies would make fun of me.

Sit There And Stare Blankly At My Work ( Not Successful)

This particular Autism communication skills that I came up with was not successful because of a few reasons.

  • Loss of homework time in class

  • Loss a lot of reading time to read my favorite books

  • Loss of social time with friends

  • Made a lot of teachers irritated

Using My Words To Ask For Help

Now that the last three Autism communication skills were not a success I started using my words and asking for help.  I still ask for help today, but sometimes I don't always get the help that I need.  However, it took me a long long time to get to this point and now I am going to share with you how I got to this point.

How Did I get Better With My Autism Communication  Skills

Back in Elementary school, my parents, had me join this social group to help me with my conversation skills.  I have to admit the people who were in charge of running these groups were a little crazy in my opinion.  Not in a bad way just a little too crazy for my comfort.  Each week that I went to these meetings I got better and better with my conversational skills.  I went to these meetings all the way from Elementry school to High school.

Eventually, I Wanted To Stop The Autism Communication Skills Group

Eventually, when I got to High school I decided I wanted to stop going to these groups because I felt like I didn't need them anymore.  I was using my own words and asking for help.  The only way I could get out of these groups was to let the group leader check in on me every once in a while.  However, it was worth the sacrifice to let the leader check in on me instead of going to the group meetings.

Still, Have To Work On My Autism Communication Skills

In my own opinion, I still have to work on my conversational skills because I felt very awkward when I went to New York City for one of my cousins birthday party.  Don't get me wrong I am very comfortable with my extended family and my immediate family.   I am nervous around my brother's friends in New York because I feel like I have to impress them in order to fit in.   What I appreciate about my own friends is that they don't care if I don't drink alcohol.

Autism Communication Skills That I still Need To Work On

  1. Looking people in the eye

  2. Speaking up louder

  3. Not being nervous talking to new people that I meet

The Last Autism Communication Skills That I Learned

The last Autism communication skills that I learned in the social group is be yourself.  So that's what I am trying to work on.  I am a college student who is running his own healthy living website.  I do not like drinking alcohol.  I don't like the taste and when some people get drunk they are either funny or just plain our jerky.  My friends think I am funny even though I don't drink.  So I am doing my best in just being myself.


As you can see having Autism is not easy to manage but with a social group in school helped me with my Autism communication skills.  I can now ask for help when I need help.  Plus the group has also helped me by encouraging me to move out of my comfort zone.  I can safely say I don't think I have a comfort zone anymore.

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