How To Keep Your Brain Young?

keep your brain young

keep your brain young

How To Keep Your Brain Young?

We found this post that was written by AMANDA MACMILLAN at Southern  She had 6 great tips about how to keep your brain young.  What surprised us about this list was that reading was not on the list.  Yes, you read that correctly, reading is not the only way to help keep your brain young?

Venture Outside Your Comfort Zone

Our founder can relate to this one because for a long time he always stuck to his comfort zone.  How did he get out of his comfort zone?  We think that Jimmy got out of his comfort zone by creating this website and going back to karate.  How did the website help?  Well, the website gave him a place where he can express himself through writing.  But, karate has helped Jimmy feel more confident in himself to accomplish anything that he put his mind to.  For instance, Jimmy, could easily just give up on this website when it causes him stress.  But, he keeps pushing through even though he is digging in his own wallet to keep this site up and running.  Plus he is not gaining much in return.

Get A Teacher

When our founder was younger he hated going to school.  Jimmy said he would never go to college.  Well, that lasted about 3 years until his parents said its either go to school or get a job.  Jimmy picked college so he can get his degree in personal training. They say learning a new skill or some kind of research can help keep your brain young.  Our founder can vouge for that one because with this website, Jimmy research new information every day just to find ways on how to improve it.  Somedays we don't even get to see Jimmy because he is busy in his office researching.  But our point is to keep learning something new every day.  Go back to school, run your own website, create a business.  Just keep learning.

Believe In Yourself

Jimmy has been struggling with this off an on with believing in himself.  However, during the middle of 2017, Jimmy has been believing that this site will take off and be a successful website.  Also, he said that he will be a successful CEO and founder.  However, sometimes it's not that easy because some people tell him that he is spending too much time on the website, or spending too much money.  Keep the dream alive.

Surround Yourself With Encouraging People

Always surround yourself with encouraging people.  We know it's easier said than done, but it's not impossible.  Jimmy finds it difficult that some people in his family don't support him and his dream.  During our trip to Mexico, some of his extended family said to him that his next big move he should wait on until his website gets bigger.

Make a serious commitment—and don’t give up 

Our founder hates to admit that this is his 9th try at running a website.  He could have given up on running a website but he decided to push through.  Always follow your dreams and don't listen to what other people think of your dreams.  Whoever said that the 3rd time is the charm, they are wrong.  It's actually the 9th time is the charm because it took our founder that long.

Learn more than one thing at once 

Learn more than one skill at once.  Our founder has been teaching himself about SEO is also known as Search Engine Optimize while he been learning how to keep his website secured.  Another thing our founder been learning in his free time is how to improve his writing skills while coming up with blog content.


Let's recap real quick.  In order for you keep your brain young, you will need to apply these six tips that we found.  Venture Outside Your Comfort Zone, get a teacher, believe in yourself, surround yourself with encouraging people, make a serious commitment and don't give up, and learn more than one thing at once.  That's how to keep your brain young.