This Year Will Be The Year of How To Journal For Therapy

How To Journal For Therapy

I just started writing in a journal last night before I went to karate.  It felt good to get something that was bothering me off my chest. Today I am going to teach you how to journal for therapy.  

Stack of journals with pencials

Stack of journals with pencials

How To Journal For Therapy

By no means, I am a licensed therapist.  But I soon realized after writing nearly 500 words my frustrations that I was facing yesterday went away.  Plus I didn’t have to pay a licensed therapist by the hour listening to my complaints.

How Do You Use A Journal To Your Advantage

Now I am not going to tell you what I wrote word for word, but I will share you some tips that helped me get started in writing in my journal.  

The First Paragraph Should Include This

Dear journal, I am very frustrated because the stylus that I use for writing on my tablet was not working even after changing the battery.  All you have to do is replace my example and please note that this incident did not cause me to get frustrated, it’s only an example.

The Second Paragraph Should Include Something Like This

Before I got frustrated that the stylus to my tablet no longer was working, I sat in class without a laptop, notebook, and a pencil.  I still had my tablet with me but I couldn’t even connect to wifi at school so I couldn’t even use my note-taking app.

I felt like it was a good idea to backtrack in the second paragraph when I was journaling last night.  The reason why it helped me to backtrack is that I can visually see what took place before I got really angry or frustrated.  

The Third Paragraph Should Include Steps On How You Will Address The Problem

After all the frustration and energy that I wasted, I am going to ask my Dad for help because he knows more about technology then my Mom.  However, if that does not work I am going to bring the stylus to Mom and explain to her what’s not working and what steps Dad took. Then ask her if she has any solutions.

By The Fourth Paragraph, You Need To Include An Ending

Before I took the stylus to my Mom, My Dad got my stylus to work by tightening up the battery compartment.  Silly me I guess I don’t understand everything about technology after all. I had a very emotional day for no good reason.  

See what I did there I added a little twist at the end.  Instead of a broken product, I didn’t screw the battery compartment lid back on tight enough, whoops mistakes happen.  

How to journal for therapy

What To Write In A Journal Diary

The best part about writing in a journal, you can write about anything you want.  Take my corny stylus story for an example. But if that’s not enough to help you start writing in a journal then here are some more examples.  

  1. How you are feeling at the end of the day - You could write in your journal at the end of the day and tell your journal how you are feeling.

  2. Vent about anything - You could just vent about anything while writing in your journal.  It could be about politics, services that you pay for, bills that you have to pay, etc.  

  3. Loss of a friend or loved one - If you just lost your friend or a loved one to suicide, death, natural causes, perhaps a disease of some sort.

  4. Rough day at work or school - Perhaps you had a rough day at work or at school and you want to vent about a boss or a teacher, perhaps even a principal.  

  5. Stress about a test - Perhaps you are not a test taker like I am and you can feel stressed easily before a test.  Write about how nervous you are about taking the test, why you feel stressed about it. Maybe even include what you are struggling to learn.

  6. Overcoming an obstacle or an addiction - Perhaps you just overcame an obstacle or an addiction in your life that you would like to tell someone, but the people who around you every day don’t understand so you don’t feel comfortable in telling them.  

  7. You Lost A Best Friend - Maybe your best friend stopped being your best friend and forgot all about you and feel either sad or angry about it.  

  8. Write about your favorite vacation or trip - Write about your favorite vacation or a trip that you recently took.  Talk about the weather, how you relaxed, maybe how many books you have read on the trip etc.  

  9. Write about the latest book you have read - Maybe the latest book was either happy, sad, angry or full of action or adventure.  You are not sure how you can recommend it to a friend so just write it down in the journal and sum up the book in less than 500 words.

  10. Write about the most recent movie that you have seen - I have seen a lot of movies so far in my life and I can’t remember every single name that I have seen.  So the next time when you see a movie on Netflix or in the theatre you can write it down in your journal.

  11. Write about a recent recipe that you cooked - You tried a new recipe and it either turned out bad or really awesome.  Maybe you didn’t add enough spice and it turned out bland like cardboard. Write in your journal about what you could differently next time.

  12. Good or bad experience at a restaurant or hotel - Not all resturants or hotels are created equal.  Maybe the waiter or waitress was horrible or the food was not good.  The last hotel you stayed in was a dump and you paid over 1,000 dollars for the best room and you got a broom closet.  

  13. Complain about your recent flight experience - Perhaps your flight got canceled and you had to stay overnight at the airport hotel.  Instead of getting a first class seat you got to put all the way in the back near the jet engines.  Plus that’s not what you paid for in the first place.

  14. Someone tried to rip you off - Don’t you hate when a company or a person rip you off and they don’t care about what they are doing?  Write about the experience down in the journal and get it off your chest.

  15. Had a first date - You just got back from your first date and you thought it went well.  Write about the experience and what you did on the date.

As you can see there are unlimited possibilities of what you can write in your journal.  You just have to make time to write in it. How do you make time may you ask?

person reading a journal with a cup of coffee

person reading a journal with a cup of coffee

How To Start Journaling Daily

I don’t know what your schedules look like so I can only speak or myself.  I am going to set a reminder in my journal app and set it for for a time I know I can stick with.  Looking at my schedule I am going to set my journal reminder around 3:30 pm eastern time because I don’t have a lot of tasks to do around that time.\

My suggestion to you is to look at your calendar whether it’s on paper or in Google calendar, look at the day view and see when is your least busy time of the day.  So that way you can stick with it.

The Best Online Diary That I Like To Use

Maybe you have noticed by now that I am not a big fan of using a pen and paper.  I am a more of a techy kind of person when it comes to organizing my thoughts and ideas.  My number one go-to online diary is Penzu.

What Is Penzu May You Ask

Penzu is a free online diary where you can store unlimited journal entries and unlimited pictures.  Since this is not a review post I am not going to go in-depth of the features they offer. They also have a year plan that starts at 20 dollars per year.  

Find What Works For You

I think the easiest way to get started with journaling every day is by finding the easiest method that works for you.  You could use a paper journal, an online journal, perhaps you may like a journal that just syncs to the cloud storage of your choice.    Either way, find what works for you.

Why Journal Writing Is Important

I feel like journal writing is important because it may help with these feelings:

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Stress

  • Pain

  • Tiredness

  • Frustration

Do You Think Journaling For Therapy Is A Good Idea

Do you think journaling could be helpful for therapy why or why not?  Or do you think a therapist is still helpful in this area? Let me know in the comments below, I will be looking forward to reading your answers.