8 Tips for Doing how to forgive yourself The Right Way

how to forgive yourself

How to Forgive Yourself

I haven’t always been forgiving of myself, which brings us today’s post, check out these 8 tips for doing how to forgive yourself the right way.

Before How to Forgive Yourself

Before we can get into the tips about how to forgive yourself, I want to share with you a true story about a time in my life that I was not very happy with anything in life.

The Darkest Time in My Life

Two years ago I had the darkest time in my life that I thought I could just put aside and forget. However, the other day I dug up the customized t shirt that I made for it. When I dug it out of my closet drawer I thought it would be a great post for my blog.

I Used to Go By Another Name Before CrazyFitnessGuy

Before I started this blog I use to be known as another name before CrazyFitnessGuy. I was fond of the name for a while, until I didn’t like where I saw my life was going. I called myself GrumpyBloggerBlog.

grumpybloggerblog customized t shirt

grumpybloggerblog customized t shirt

What Was GrumpyBloggerBlog?

Don’t bother trying to find GrumpyBloggerBlog in Google search because I took that site down a long time ago. Just to sum up what the website was about at the time, it was just one big rant. It was full of my rants that I was not proud of.

What Were The Rants About?

Just to keep CrazyFitnessGuy PG-13 I will only tell you about one of the rants since it was more appropriate. Have you heard of the company called Zagg? If not they are a company that makes screen protectors for phones, tablets etc.

The Zagg Rant

I complained about Zagg on GrumpyBloggerBlog because non of those Zagg screen protectors worked. They fell off or started pealing off, I even contacted the company and they send me replacements it doesn’t matter never worked.

Want One More Example?

Want one more example of a really good rant that I had? Here is the best example I can give you that still is appropriate for CrazyFitnessGuy. I use to have to have Toshiba laptop until my friend on Skype told me the fan sounded like a jet engine.

What Happened to that Laptop

I sold it on Ebay as parts to someone who was building their own computer which was pretty cool. That Toshiba laptop didn’t have enough cooling gel to cool the system so it was overheating. I even wrote a essay about it for one of my college papers. I got an A+ on it. Perhaps the professor felt bad with my luck hehe.

As You Can See Those Were Dark Times

As you can see those were dark times for me, but that was only two example of two companies I told you about. On GrumpyBloggerBlog I started ranking companies on a list of companies I thought were absolutely horrible and called it something “my company hall of shame list.” Something along those lines.

Pretty Big List For The Hall of Shame

I had about 50+ companies that I would never ever buy from again. I kept that website up and running for like 11 months and then I quit.

GrumpyBloggerBlog Was No More

Like I said I didn’t like where that website was taking me. I exhausted myself everyday with all my rants, I even gave myself headaches and it was having a big impact on me. I went back to Karate last year around January 23rd. Around April 12th I got the motivation from Karate to start CrazyFitnessGuy.

What are The 8 Tips for Doing how to forgive yourself The Right Way?

  1. Keep a souvenir - remember that t shirt I made for GrumpyBloggerBlog? I made it into a t shirt to remind myself that I am better than that phase of my life,

  2. Stop replaying the tape - don’t you feel like your brain is like a replay tape that plays over and over again? I know that mine does, don’t let your brain replay that video anymore.

  3. Look in the mirror - tell yourself while you are looking in the mirror that you are not that person anymore.

  4. Apologize to the people that you hurt - I have said pretty hurtful stuff to people that I love and like. I asked them for forgiveness and most of them forgave me, however, some did not. If some of the people that do not forgive, then move on and they didn’t really want to believe that you have changed for the better.

  5. You were just in a learning stage - tell yourself that you were in a learning stage in that point in your life. There is nothing wrong with learning stages.

  6. Learn from your mistakes - Learn from your mistakes so then they can be avoided in the future. But while you learn from them don’t harp on them as well.

  7. The past should stay in the past - tell your past that it should take a hike or get lost because the past should stay in the past. Looking in the past just brings back those awful things and feelings.

  8. Look towards the future - look towards the future with your head held up high. Forgive yourself and look towards the future as a new person and not the same person that made those mistakes in the past. Consider it as a new slate as a new identity.


I am no longer the GrumpyBloggerBlog, I am far from perfect and never will be perfect. The only thing I am in control of is forgiving myself with these 8 tips for doing how to forgive yourself the right way.

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