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how to declutter your life

How To Declutter Your Life With Only Three Tools

Today I am going to teach you on how to declutter your life with only three tools. It’s super simple and easy.

The Only Three Tools That You Need

The only three tools that you need to declutter your life is:

  1. Zoho Notebooks

  2. Google Calendar

  3. Microsoft To-do List

You are probably wondering how on earth can these three tools can help declutter your life. Well I am going to tell you how in just a minute after I tell you how I use them to help me organize my life.

zoho notebook app icon

zoho notebook app icon

Zoho Notebooks

I hate writing down notes in a notebook in college. The reason why is because I tend to either write to fast and my hand writing gets to sloppy or I might misplace my notebook somewhere. Thanks to Zoho Notebooks app I can keep my notes in the cloud in a safe place.

What Is Zoho Notebook?

Zoho Notebook is online note taking app, its similar to One Note by Microsoft. However, Zoho backup your notes to a secured server, while One Note syncs to One Drive cloud which has limited space. Zoho doesn’t seem to have a space limit which is perfect for me.

How Do I Use Zoho Notebook To Declutter My Life?

  • Organized my Chrome Bookmarks - since I started this website I been bookmarking articles for future references, let me tell you I just finished organizing over 300+ bookmarks into Zoho Notebook yesterday, it was not fun.

  • Gas receipts from Uber Driving - I finally started collecting my gas receipts from my Uber driving to get some money back as a tax deduction. Zoho Notebook has a receipt scanner which is nice.

As you can see Zoho Notebook has helped me organized my life easier in running my own business. If you have disorganized clutter get Zoho Notebook in the Google Play Store it’s free.

google calendar app icon

google calendar app icon

Google Calendar

When I first got my desk in my room it came with a whiteboard calendar, I use to use until I started keeping track of my own calendar. When I started keeping track of my own calendar I made a switch to Google calendar.

What Is Google Calendar?

Is it fair to assume that everyone knows what Google calendar, am I right? Because I am not going to cover that in this post because its pretty self explanatory.

How Do I use Google Calendar To Declutter My Life?

  • Keep track of my workout schedule - since Google calendar has a way to keep track of goals in it I use that handy feature to keep track of my workout schedule.

  • Keep track of my business schedule - since I am my own marketer, writer, and my own boss I wear a bunch of different hats. I set aside specific times of the day when I market, research for content ideas.

  • Keep track of Dr. appointments - I see so many Dr. for personal reasons that I will not share on here. But with all those Dr. I can’t remember all those appointments so I use my Google calendar to help me.

  • Schedule time for myself - I can’t possibly just work 24/7 a day all the way to midnight I will burnout and have nothing left. I schedule time for myself to read books and watch Netflix so I am not always working.

Google calendar is my go to calendar for my reoccurring events that I have on a daily basis. I will never ever go back to writing down stuff on a whiteboard or paper calendar again. If you are sick and tired of writing down events everyday in your calendar then you need Google Calendar.

microsoft todo list app icon logo

microsoft todo list app icon logo

Microsoft To-do List

Again here is another self explanatory tools that tells you what it is in the name. Is it still okay if I just skip over the what is Microsoft To-do list part?

How Do I use Microsoft To Do List To Declutter My Life?

  • Important Tasks - there is a feature in Microsoft To-do list that is called important tasks. For the last two weeks I had work on Facebook Chatbot in my website. Just finished it yesterday. I use the important section to prioritize tasks.

  • Planned scheduled - I use this feature in Microsoft - To-do list app called planned schedule. I love this feature to set myself deadlines on projects that I take on. For my chatbot I set a deadline for Monday the 19th of November the day before I Fly out to Chicago for Thanksgiving. I completed that tasks a week before that deadline.

Microsoft To-do list goes hand in hand with the other two tools on this list because it has really helped me get my schedule under control. This tool is also 100% free. Get Microsoft To-do list app.

How To Declutter Your Life?

Now I am going to tell you how to declutter your life. Just follow these easy steps and you will be on the right path.

  1. Organize with notebooks with Zoho Notebook - like I told you with all the bookmarks organize everything with Zoho they don’t have a size limit that I know of.

  2. Figure out your schedule - with a busy life it’s hard to keep track of everything. Track your meals, track everything and everything. If someone got their hand on my schedule they literally know where I am every single minute of the day. A.K.A as stalking which is illegal.

  3. Use a To-do list app - I don’t care what To-do list app you use, it can be Microsoft To-do list, or any app. Just don’t use Google Tasks, okay I do care which To-do list app you use, but still throw away the paper ones because if you have recurring tasks like I do, who has time to write them all out again?

Conclusion: That’s How To Declutter Your Life…

If you follow those easy three steps with those three tools that I mention to you, you will feel like you are on the top of the world! That’s how I feel like today even though I was working all weekend.

How Do You Declutter Your Life?

How do you declutter your life or at least try to declutter it? Do you feel like it works, if not why?

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