29 Fabulous Ways On How To Practice Being Mindful

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These last few days I have had a lot of stuff on my mind.  I also had some angry days here and there. With that being said I thought it might be a good time to talk about how to be mindful?  I would like to learn that skill because I tend to get caught up with all the negative that I have been experiencing.

how to be mindful
Color pencils with coloring book

Color pencils with coloring book

Easy Mindful Activities For Adults

Adult coloring books - I love art and I wish I practiced it every day if I could.  Coloring books are no longer just for kids they are also for adults as well.  Coloring is fun and easy to do because you don’t clean up a big mess like you would have to if you were painting.

When I use to color it helped me let my creativity shine by using different colors and tools.  I personally like coloring book apps the most. Something about paper I don’t like or maybe it’s because I am just a technology geek.  

Here are two of my favorite coloring apps that I used to use:

  1. Zen Coloring Book For Adults

  2. Sketchbook

Cooking Classes - when I was in middle school and high school I love having the cooking classes.  I actually wanted to be a chef at one point when I was growing up.

But that quickly went away when I didn’t want to work until 12 midnight 7 days a week.  But I found cooking classes to be relaxing because of the nice smells in the kitchen.

In my opinion the food was better in class than what was being served in the cafeteria and that says something.

Book Clubs - I have never been part of a book club before.  But in my opinion I feel like a book club would help with mindfulness because you would be talking about the book.

Not about the problems that are going on in ones head.  If you like reading a lot of different books like I do then join a book club to take your mind off other things.

Start A Journal - I keep starting and stopping my own personal journal writing.  I am not sure why but I going to try the whole month in June to write in it every day.

I might put it in my Google Calendar so I will get it done.  Just between you and me the app that I use to write my journal in gives me reminders but I still ignore it.

Perhaps by setting aside just 10 mins or however long I need to write in my journal on my calendar.  Just maybe I will get to it? What do you think of the chances of that happening for me?

Do you know how to journal for therapy?  If not then you may want to read that post before you start one.

Exercising - I workout 5 to 9 times a week because I love the feeling afterwards on how I feel after working out.  I love the adrenaline rush. Exercising has helped me to lose 30 pounds of pure fat.

Here are some of the benefits of exercising in my opinion:

  • Makes you sleep better

  • Helps build your confidence

  • Helps build big or lean muscle

  • May help reduce the risk of certain diseases

Do you struggle with these lame excuses to not exercise?  If you do then you need to stop making them right now!

Talk To A Licensed Therapist - There is no shame in talking to a licensed therapist about your problems or concerns.  I personally talk to one about everything and anything.

My Therapist has helped point out stuff to me that I have missed in most of my ideas.  Some are really good points and some are just okay or bad. But it’s great to get a second opinion from someone outside of my family.

Try Meditation - I haven’t personally tried meditation yet but I might one day.  I have read many articles about meditation. Some have said that meditation allows you to have:

  • A clearer mind

  • A more relaxed approach to things

  • A stress free feeling

Read A Book - When was the last time you took some time out of your busy day to read a book?  I use to watch a lot of TV on the weekends and after school.

But now that I am an adult I have been trying to make more time to read a book during the day.  Even though I don’t always get to it I still have it scheduled on my calendar to remind myself it’s there.

It doesn’t have to be a motivational book, non fiction book, it can be any book that you want to read or find interesting.  

Listen To A Podcast - I have been enjoying listening to podcasts back and forth going to the shore.  It’s another great way to learn a new skill or get some new advice that you haven’t heard before.  

Just to name a few of my favorite podcasts:

  • The Chalene Show

  • The School Of Greatness With Lewis Howes

  • The Goaldigger podcast

A lot of these podcasts have motivational speeches, tips, tricks and a message.  I have subscribed to over 24 different podcasts that cover different topics but that should tell you how obsessed I am with podcasts.

If that’s not enough tips for you then you have to check out these 24 ways to be mindful all day, every day.

a group of women taking a yoga class

a group of women taking a yoga class

Some Mindfulness Group Exercises To Try

Set Up A Mindfulness Support Group - Practicing mindfulness can sometimes be a hard and daunting task.  However you don’t have to do it alone. Set Up a support group so everyone can hold each other accountable in making positive changes in everyone life.

Group Yoga Class  - I don’t always practice yoga but when I do it feels amazing.  It makes me more flexible which helps me prevent injuries to my body.  

Yoga may also help reduce stress, anxiety, frustrations, etc.  Perhaps a group yoga class will help in practicing mindfulness.

Group Exercise Class - Start a group exercise class and go to the local gym everyday or every other day.  It doesn’t have to be all about yoga, add in weightlifting, aerobic exercises.

Exercising has helped me reduce my stress levels and mindful about what I eat.  Plus it also helped me gain confidence to stick up to those pesky bullies in middle school and high school.

Art Class When - When I was in middle school and in high school I love taking art classes as an elective.  The reason why I like art classes is because I can express how I am feeling in the art piece that I was creating.

Does that make sense?  If not here is a great example of an art piece that I didn’t get in trouble for.  I created a small replica of a school and turned into a prison.

I thought of school as a prison for many different reasons.  I actually submitted it in the art show and it won an award and my principal actually liked it.  My point is art is a great way to express your true feelings.

Dance Class - Join a local dance class somewhere.  I use to dance a lot at my friends parties when I was younger.  I was always on the dance floor, but as an adult that changed for some reason.

But dancing is a another way to practice mindfulness by letting things that frustrate you go.

dog taking a nap in owners arms

dog taking a nap in owners arms

Other Mindfulness Exercises For Groups

  1. Count to ten

  2. List the pros and cons of the current problem

  3. Sit quite somewhere and let your mind wonder

  4. Write down your thoughts and emotions in a journal

  5. Listen to music

  6. Take a nap

man with a frustrated face

man with a frustrated face

Other Coping Skills To Manage Anger

Sign-up For A Kickboxing class - I absouletly love kickboxing/karate.  I like punching my frustrations out on the bag and I enjoy the people who are there with me in class.

The best part about karate is that it’s a total body workout which helps burns a lot of calories.  

Listen To Your Favorite Comedian - You know how people say laughter is the best medicine?  Well I totally agree with them. When I am having a bad day I turn on one of my favorite comedians that I like to listen to.

Some of my favorite comedians are:

  • Ron White

  • Larry The Cable Guy

  • Jeff Foxworthy

  • Bill Engvall

  • Robin Williams

I am surprised that comedy didn’t make it on the 7 easy ways to be mindful every day.

Watch Your Favorite Netflix Show Or TV Show - I have too many favorite shows that I like to watch on the weekends.  So many favorites that I can’t list them in this blog post.

Pick a favorite show that you like to watch and watch an episode or two to get your mind off other things.

Talk To A Friend - Friends are amazing listeners unlike family members who tend to cut one off in the middle of their sentence or their trane of thought.  

Friends tend to be there for you through thick and thin.  When I just need to talk to my friends I ask them if they are around and I just call them.  Sometimes after I talk to my friends I figure out the problem.

Talk To A Family Member - This could be someone in your family that you live with every day or it could be someone from your extended family like aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents.  

Sometimes when I am in a pickle with something it's great to talk to a family member who has more knowledge than me to help solve my problem.

Use Essential Oils - I am a big fan of using essential oils because it’s an alternative way to stay in a consistent mood without medication.  I also like it because it has helped me fall asleep quicker, reduces my stress, helps me stay focus, etc.

mobile apps on an iphone

mobile apps on an iphone

Free Mindfulness Meditation Apps

I haven’t personally tried any of these apps yet but they look pretty good to me.  If you have tried them let me know in the comments below.

  1. Headspace

  2. The Mindfulness App: Relax, Calm, Focus, and Sleep

  3. Stop Breathe and Think: Mediation and Mindfulness


As you can see there are so many ways on how to practice mindfulness.  I know I need to practice it more. Do you need to practice mindfulness why or why not?  If you have a suggestion that is not in this post please leave it in the comments below.