How Serious Is Spinal Stenosis? Read These Frightening Facts

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Growing up with Autism has not been easy for me and neither has spinal stenosis.  Do you know how serious spinal stenosis is? If not today I am going to talk to you about how spinal stenosis is a real serious condition that everyone should be aware of.

How serious is spinal stenosis

What Is Spinal Stenosis?

I am no medical doctor so I am not going to put in medical terms where no one understands it.  My definition of spinal stenosis is a condition where the vertebrae is wrapped tightly around the spinal cord, which limits the range of movement when moving ones head side to side or up and down.

According to WebMD in their article called what is spinal stenosis? They define it as “It's when the spaces between the bones that make up your spinal cord (called your vertebrae) get narrow. This can put pressure on those bones and on the nerves that run from your spine to your arms and legs. It happens most often in your lower back or neck.”

Where Does Spinal Stenosis Occur?

According to Mayo Clinic spinal stenosis occurs typically in the low back or the neck.  Unfortunately mine is located at the top of the neck.

Can Spinal Stenosis Be Cured?

The last time I saw my neck doctor he told me that spinal stenosis can be cured but it has a very low successful rate.

He explained that where my spinal stenosis is located in the neck they basically need to use a rotor rooter to loosen up the vertebrae.

If anything goes wrong during the surgery I could become paralyzed for the rest of my life.  That’s why I will not get the surgery until there is a 99.9% successful rate with a different kind of method.

When Does Spinal Stenosis Become An Emergency?

If I remember correctly, my doctor told me that Spinal Stenosis only becomes an emergency if I feel tingly in my feet, arm, leg, and neck.  Or when I start feeling constant neck pain and trouble walking.

Is Spinal Stenosis Painful?

It kind of depends because when you start feeling pain in the neck that’s not a good sign.  In my case it just a stiff lump in my neck which only feels very uncomfortable when I twist my neck and body too much.

For an example imagine we were at a party together at a huge long table.  We were sitting in the middle part of the table and you were sitting on one side next to me and another person sitting on the other side next to me.

Turing my head back and forth all night like that would cause my neck to get really uncomfortable.

Other Spinal Stenosis Treatments

One of the other Spinal Stenosis treatments I have heard from my doctor and other sources around the web.  They talk about physical therapy. However, I totally disagree with that and I will tell you why.

The neck is a very delegate part of the body.  One wrong move you can either be paralyzed or dead in a matter of seconds.  I even had a massage on vacation one time. After that massage, my neck was in pain the rest of the day.

I am not saying physical therapy is a massage but after that experience during the massage I wouldn’t want to do any exercises for it.

The Best Natural Pain Relief For Spinal Stenosis

If you have been following me on social media, you probably know how much I despise medication.  The reason why is because they have so many side effects.

Anyway, the one thing that helps me to keep the extra stiffness at bay when I have upset my Spinal Stenosis is pain relief essential oil roller.  I don’t know if it will work for you but it has helped me a lot.

What Does Spinal Stenosis Feel Like?

In my case it just feels like a lump in my neck.  It’s the same size like a ping pong ball. It doesn’t feel weird at all just a stiff lump that doesn’t let move my head easily.

Growing Up With Spinal Stenosis Has Never Been Easy

With all of that being said about Spinal Stenosis I want to share with you what I have to live with everyday.  Time to take a walk in my shoes with Spinal Stenosis.

Growing up with Spinal Stenosis has always been challenging for me.  During gym class at school when I was younger I couldn’t play basketball.  I had to watch on the sidelines.

Football players wearing gold and white uniforms

Football players wearing gold and white uniforms

No Team Sports For Me

The doctor didn’t want me to play any team sports because he was afraid that another kid would jump on my back to get the ball.  Anything that involved a team I couldn’t play.

The Bullies Thought It Was Fun To Slap My Neck

I even had to deal with bullies hitting my neck because of that stupid neck slapping game.  I don’t know who invented but finally the bullies stopped coming after me.

Looking back at what had happened to me because of a clueless principal.  If my kid had a neck issue and one of the principals didn’t understand how serious it was.  I probably get that principal fired for not doing their job.

Red car with nissian logo

Red car with nissian logo

Getting My Drivers License Was Scary Because Of My Spinal Stenosis

When I was in my early 20’s I still didn’t have a driver's license yet.  Not because I wasn’t interested in getting one, but I was scared to get one because of my neck.

I am a very careful driver and I consider myself as a good driver.  I passed my test on the first try. One of the best presents that I have gotten for Christmas to help me become a more confident driver was this big mirror attachment that attaches to the original mirror in the car.

It basically looks like one of those mirrors that those race car drivers use in NASCAR.  That mirror takes all the blind spots around my vehicle. Don’t get me wrong I still turn my neck to check traffic around me, but it just makes it a little less frightening.

man practicing karate in a karate uniform in the middle of the street

man practicing karate in a karate uniform in the middle of the street

How The Heck Am I Doing Karate With Spinal Stenosis?

You are probably wondering if I have Spinal Stenosis how come I can do Karate classes?  That’s a very interesting question and I will tell you how. When I was younger my neck doctor told me I either has to spar with the instructors or quit.

At that point in my life I thought it would be weird to spar with the instructors so I ended up quitting.  Fast forward to now I am sparing with the adults in class and they have control of their technique than the kids class when I was younger.  I just can’t compete in competition which is disappointing because I have a competitive edge.

There Are Some Days Are Harder Than Others

Some Days when I wake up with a very stiff neck those days tend to be harder than others.  Even when I apply the pain relief roller on those days sometimes it doesn’t work.

The Next Time You Wake Up With A Stiff Neck

The next time you wake up in the morning with a stiff neck just pay attention to that feeling.  Because that’s how living with spinal stenosis feels like every day and be grateful that stiff neck you woke up will eventually go away.


As you can see living with Spinal Stenosis has it’s challenging moments and it’s a very serious condition.  It’s so serious that I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone, even to those bullies who made my life a living nightmare in school.

Back To You

Do you know someone with spinal stenosis?  If so please consider sharing it with them.

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