How List of All Chemicals Can Help You Live a Better Life

How list of all chemicals can help you live a better life

Before We Get Started With The List Of All Chemicals

Before we get started here are a few articles that you might find interesting that goes over some of the ways that I use the essential oils.

As you can see I use the oils for sleep, stress and later on I will share an interesting essential oil recipe for homemade hair gel that I found on Pinterest.  Now time to talk about the scary list of all chemicals.

The List Of All Chemicals Part One (Oh How Scary)

Chemicals can lead to death, addiction, cancer, all different other kinds of diseases that just makes the list longer and longer.  So I have a question.  Why do all the products that we use every day have chemicals in it?  I can't even pronounce some of the chemicals on certain products and some of them are pretty creepy if you Google them. So how can you tell which types of products are the most harmful of them all?  Well, ever since I started using essential oils I heard about an app called Think Dirty.

The List Of All Chemicals Part Two ( Chemicals Doesn't Have To Be So Scary With The Help Of Think Dirty)

The list of all chemicals doesn't have to be so scary with the help Think Dirty.  How does Think Dirty work?  First, you have to take a picture of all the ingredients that are on the product and then it comes back with you with a score.  Each score tells you how dangerous your product is to your health by the list of all chemicals on that product that you use every day.

What Do The Ratings Mean On The List Of All Chemicals?

Now let's dive into what those ratings mean in the app.  Take a look at the screenshot that I took personally in the app from my phone.

I don't know why some of those numbers got cut off but this is called the Dirty Meter.  It tell's you which products are the dirtiest of them all.  My hair gel that I use to buy from my haircut place was a 10!  I kid you not that got me so scared that I decided to make my own hair gel from scratch.  It was kind of a fun little science experiment and the best part is that I didn't make it explode all over my house.  Like the times that I explode my oatmeal in the microwave a few times.  Don't ask why that happened.

How Did I Get Started With Essential Oils After The List Of All Chemicals Freaked Me Out?

So now that I probably scared you about the list of all chemicals you are probably wondering how did I get started with essential oils?  I first got introduced to essential oils by a friend of mine who also tutors me in science and math in college.  She came to my house one afternoon to talk to me, my mom and my other friends and their parents about essential oils.  This happened before I learned about the list of all chemicals and how it was dangerous for our health.  During this demonstration, I was kind of skeptical about the essential oils.  I am not sure why I was so skeptical, perhaps it just sounded too good to be true.   It took me a few more weeks of sleeping horribly to decide to give it a shot.  My friend/tutor gave me a few little rollers to help me sleep.  Once I started using them I started to sleep better.  Now I know you are probably thinking well since I haven't slept well in weeks I just crashed and fell asleep.  No that's not what happened, I crashed and fell asleep in a deep sleep.

I Was Hooked On Essential Oils After That Night

I was hooked on essential oils after that night and after learning about the list of all chemicals.  So my mom decided that it would benefit me and her.  So then she bought it for me and her to use.  After seeing the list of all chemicals in hair gel that I bought in the haircut place I decided to use Pinterest to find an essential oil recipe for hair gel for men.  All-Natural DIY Hair Pomade: Step By Step Tutorial With Photos  I found this article on Pinterest and it was written by Ryan Foy who is a writer at  I followed each step one at a time and it turned out awesome.  I had a big glass jar and it will probably last me a lifetime lol.

Essential Oils Is So Much Better Than The List Of All Chemicals

It turns out that essential oils are so much better for you than the list of all chemicals.  The next time you are in a store and you are not sure about certain chemicals then download Think Dirty on Apple and Android.  You can find the direct links to both of the apps on Think Dirty Website If you are interested in buying the starter kit of essential oils you can check out the prices on Amazon

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