How Life Keeps Throwing Me Curve Balls?

life keeps throwing me curve balls

How Life Can Keep Throwing Me Curve Balls?

Unfortunately, life keeps throwing me curve balls.   Sometimes I wonder when life when will stop doing this to me.  You might remember my last article about this topic.  If not here is a little refresher.   How To Deal With Curve Balls?

Life Keeps Throwing Me Curve Balls

So I have a change plans that changed on Monday after my first day of summer of school.  I was going to take a biology class in the summer, but that changed after one day of summer school.  It didn't matter that I had an open mind about the class, it just was too much for me because it was fast pace and it was full of chemistry that I never had in high school.  Yes, I never had chemistry in high school because my mom talked to my teachers and principals to help me get through high school because I said I would never go to college.  So my mom helped me get by to make it a little easier for me.

Life Keeps Throwing Me Curve Balls Continuation

However, even though it was helpful to get me through high school it did not prepare me for college.  But I am to blame for that one because I did not want to go to college after high school.  Another way that life keeps throwing curve balls at me is that now I have to take high school biology and high school chemistry online before I continue proceeding with my major.  My dad thinks it will take me until I am 50 years old until I finish my major.


I am going to keep moving forward with my major despite what my dad said.  A few people are not happy about dropping my summer class, but my parents think I made a great choice.  So I am going to start with biology in the first half of the summer and then finish with chemistry.  Since life keeps throwing curve balls, I think I will throw life one instead.  I am going to make the most of my summer by proving to people that I am not going to give up on my getting my degree.