How I Improved My intense cardio workout at home In One Day

My intense cardio workout at home

My intense cardio workout at home

Finished Day Three Of Peak Week

I finished another day in peak week!  I have only two more days to go before I am finished with my 80 Day Obsession journey!  Today I want to talk about the intense cardio workout at home.  Here is a quick recap of yesterdays post in case you have missed it.  80 Day Obsession AAA Workout – Peak Week.

Today - Cardio Core

I did Cardio Core today.  I had to skip 3 exercises because I hurt my hip somehow.  However, I did not hurt it while doing this program, but still, I don't know what it is from.  Even though I had to skip those three exercises I still was doing something cardio related so I wasn't just standing there.  For the alternating bicycle laying down, I finally was able to move up to the blue resistance loops.  That was a nice achievement for the day for me.  I did really well with those exercises on the sliders.

Tomorrow - Legs

Tomorrow is going to be Legs.  I wonder what phase that will be from?  I hope I am able to do all of the exercises without my hip bothering me. Wish me luck so I can get through tomorrow workout, so then I will only have one more day and then I have completed all 80 days of this workout program!


Since I am literally almost done with this program, I am going to post tomorrow to keep you all informed about my progress.  This will be the only day that I will be posting on the weekend so please don't get used to it.

Come Back

Don't forget to come back tomorrow to check out how I did in tomorrow workout, with a very sore hip or sprained maybe even bruised hip.  This is the only time you will get to expect a post from me on the weekend!  Don't miss out!

I Hope You Enjoyed It

I hope you enjoyed today's post about the intense cardio workout at home.  Cya all back here tomorrow!