How Best Way To Handle A Bully Can Ease Your Pain

Best Way To Handle A Bully

Best Way To Handle A Bully

I just read a very sad article the other day.  A 9-year-old kid killed himself because he got bullied in school.  Bullies have gone too far this time.  I want to talk today about the best way to handle a bully.

I Had To Deal With Bullies Too

Back in 3rd grade all the way up to 11th grade I got bullied.  Even my friends around me got bullied too, which annoyed me to no end.  During my middle school years, the bullies came after me every day.  They use to play this game called Neck Slapping Game.  This game was very dangerous for me because of my Spinal Stenosis.  I felt afraid every day, I usually end up going home at the end of the day crying to my Mom.

Took The School District A Long To Do Something About It

There was this one assistant principal in my middle school who didn't seem to understand my problem.  My 7th-grade teacher understood and tried to help me out.  Finally, after the 100th report to the assistant principal, he finally did something about it.  He suspended the bullies, but that didn't teach the bullies anything.  Since bullies hated school suspending them was like a free trip home to do nothing.

The Bullies Followed In High School

The bullies continued to bug me in high school, and they even bugged my friends.  They stopped the neck game which was great, but then they started calling me names, making fun of my weight, made fun of my learning challenges.  Like I said this happened all the way till 11th grade.

How Did I Stop The Bullies?

There were a total of 4 bullies in my class.  The most obnoxious group of students that I have ever met.  Each day when they made fun of me or my friends, I went to the principal's office. They always reassured me that they would deal with it.  There were 4 principals in the school one for each grade.  I always went to my 9th-grade principal because he actually did something about the bullies.

How Did I Stop The Bullies? ( Part2)

After multiple reports about one of the four bullies got expelled.  Then the next bully I got removed from my class and moved into a different class setting.  Now that those two are out of my way, I was thinking to myself "two down and two to go."  The last two bullies drove me nuts in class.  They snickered behind my friends who was in a wheelchair.  One day in class I got up and my math teacher told me to go sit down, I said hold on a second.  I went over to the bullies desk and just looked them dead in the eye and started cursing them out.  I even told them that if they messed with me or my friends again they will see what will happen.  From that day on they never messed with me again.

How To Deal With A Bully?

Before we get started I am going to try to teach you the best way to handle a bully.  Please don't curse at the bullies like I did, it was the wrong way to do things, but it was effective.  Perhaps leave that to the last resort.  Now lets talk about how to deal with bullies the right way.

Best Way To Handle A Bully

Report Them

The first best way to handle a bully is to report them to the principal multiple times.  If that doesn't work go to the head principal.  Worse case scenario if the principals seem to be clueless and don't want to be bothered, then go to the superintendent and report the principal.  Eventually, they will have to do something about it because no school wants bad publicity from their local community.

Build Confidence

The next best way to handle a bully is to learn ways on how to build confidence.  Here are some good examples of ways to build self-confidence.  Sign-up for Karate classes.  Start working out and build some muscle.  Once I started losing weight and started building muscle I started to feel confident in myself.

Stop Paying For Public School

Another best way to handle a bully so to stop paying for public schools.  Since the school systems get money through your home property tax, perhaps you and your local community should tell your school district that you will hold that money instead of paying the school district because they can't keep your kid safe.  How Are Public Schools Funded?

Enroll Your Kids In Online School

Another best way to handle a bully is to enroll your kids in online school.  This will help your kids learn in a fun and safe environment.  Plus if your whole community decides to enroll online that will also hurt the funds for the public school.  Virtual Schools Pros And Cons Of The Growing Trend.

The Last Option ( My Option)

The last best way to handle a bully is my option.   It's not pretty it's immature, plus it felt like I was kind of stooping down to their level.


If you try all of the best way to handle a bully before you reached my option, but they still did not work.  My option will get you sent down to the principal office, but if the principal knows that you are standing up for a friend like I did, perhaps he or she will let you off the hook.  Plus if you have kind of cool and laid back parents like mine who heard about my little outburst in class with the bullies.  Then you shouldn't get into to much trouble or any at all.

Hope You Enjoyed The Article About How To Deal With Bullies

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