What Everyone Ought To Know About HOW AUTISM AFFECTS LEARNING

How Autism Affects Learning

Today I want to talk about how Autism affects learning. The reason why I want to talk about it is that I have 5 chapters to study by tomorrow for a chapter one test in physiology.

How autism affects learning

How Autism Affects Learning Overall?

Autism affects learning in different ways, some more severe than others. Fortunately, though I only have a slight bit of Autism. However, that's not the case for everyone. In my opinion, the effects of Autism can vary by each individual.

What Is Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Autism Spectrum Disorder is a disorder that affects social skills and behavioral skills.

When I Was A Child I Was In Special Education Classes

When I was younger I was in special education classes. There were only 8 or 9 perhaps 10 students at tops in the classroom. Even though I only have a slight bit of Autism I was put in these classes because my Mom thought it was the best fit for me. However, sometimes I am not sure.

Social Interactions Are Still Hard For Me At Times

One of the biggest pain in the butt thing about Autism is that it doesn't make social interactions easy for me. It kind of depends on the people I am with. If it's with my close friends I can just be myself, If I am in class I would keep my distance.

I couldn't just come up to someone in college class if they wanted to work with me. I basically have to get my mind ready to ask a simple question.

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What Everyone Ought To Know About Autism

I am Getting Better With Eye Contact

Another struggle that I have to face from Autism Spectrum Disorders is my lack of eye contact when I talk to someone. I either keep eye contact too much or too little. Sometimes I tend to look at the wall behind someone so I am not accused at starting at someone.

Only Some Teachers Can Truly Teach Students Or Children With Autism

In my opinion, I feel like there are only some teachers who can truly teach students or children with Autism. Let me give you an example without using any names. I had this teacher in high school who didn't even try to teach at our different levels of learning. She only taught at one level only.

The teacher didn't even try to be understanding to us, and she lost her temper quite a bit. When I first met the teacher I didn't even get along with her, plus I was wondering jeez did the school cut budgets for good teachers in the special needs classes.

Plus the information she was teaching in class was pretty hard for me to understand. I am pretty smart so for me to admit that class was hard says something.

autism puzzle pieces

autism puzzle pieces

What Does Autism Feels Like?

I can only describe what Autism feels like in a few words. It feels like a 10,000 piece puzzle in my brain. A lot of questions with no simple answers to me.

Sometimes I Have A Communication Or Language Barrier I Have To Work Through

There are times when I am trying to communicate with someone over the phone. Sometimes if its a support agent from a company or my parents, or friends. I might say something one way and they didn't quite understand what I just said. Then when I repeat myself I feel embarrassed a little bit.

What Does Autism Mean To Me?

When I was growing up I thought Autism meant that I wasn't smart like the other kids in my classes. I even thought It was a bad thing. As I got older I have been looking it differently now.

Autism makes me feel sort of unique compared to other adults. I feel like it gives me this ability to think outside of the box and ask questions to a point until I figure out an answer to a problem. I also feel like Autism gave me the ability to be consistent in a routine.

For an example going to karate 3 times a week at night when others consider it a chore or like they have to. I go because it's fun, I get to meet new people, helps me learn self-defense, and plus it's an amazing workout. There is one last thing I have to say about what Autism means to me.

In Autism research they say, Autistic children, like to repeat certain tasks every day. Well I feel like repeating tasks has helped me quite a bit through life and here's why I think that. I have this big test in physiology test tomorrow in college, physiology is all about how the body and cells work.

Well, repeating tasks has helped me remember lines and quotes from movies, books, tv shows, remember events from years ago. By repeating tasks has gotten me to a point where my memory is good to remember a lot of stuff.

picture of a brain

picture of a brain

Why Am I Studying To Be A Personal Trainer Even Though I Learn Differently?

I am studying to become a personal trainer because I wanted to differentiate myself from the other personal trainers out there. Even though there are a lot of personal trainers out there, I feel like I can offer a different point of view on different exercises, knowing someone limits, overcoming obstacles and so on.

Plus how many personal trainers can say that they have Autism, they understand people with Autism. How many of them can say they can relate to kids and adults who have Autism? Now I am not saying there is no trainer out there who don't have these characteristics, but I would guess that it can't be a lot.

If I am wrong then I would admit I am wrong. Plus I would also tell them that they are one in a few that really understands Autism.

I also feel like I could make a difference in the Autism community because I know what it's like to grow up with it. Plus I can also help with getting around limitations. I have a very spine issue called spinal stenosis which could leave me paralyzed from head to foot if not careful.

Just because you have a limitation doesn't mean you can't work out, it just means you have to pick exercises that work for you and be cautious of the ones that you can't do. Here is a good example, in karate at the end of 7 or 8 rounds of kickboxing we do strength training. I can't do hyper extensions for my lower back.

I told my karate instructor that I can't do them anymore because I woke up one morning and could barely turn my neck that day. It was scary but once I put on some pain away essential oil my neck was feeling better.

As you can see my struggles with Autism has brought me some unique perspective in life. Some good and some bad, but overall I feel like going to college to get my degree as a personal trainer will help me in the world of a personal trainer. It will help me by relating to people with or without autism and perhaps offer me a lot of unique clients.

What Do You Think About Autism?

What are your thoughts and opinions about Autism, do you think they can help me differentiate myself from the other personal trainers? Why or why not? Let me know in the comments below and if you like this article or you found this article helpful please consider sharing it.