Best Homemade Hair Gel Recipes Tips You Will Read This Year

best homemade hair gel recipes tips

Homemade Hair Gel Recipes Are Easy To Make

So last year I found a homemade hair gel recipe that I was going to share with everyone on here.  However, of course, I found other articles that I wanted to talk about instead.  So now I am sharing this homemade hair gel recipe with everyone now, better late than never I guess.

Hair Gels Can Be Expensive And Filled With Nasty Stuff

Hair Gels can be expensive and filled with nasty chemicals that are harmful to the body.   I am one who does not like medicine, chemicals and other nasty stuff in my products.  You have probably have noticed that by now with some of the last few articles that I have written.   Here are some of my latest articles that talked about chemicals.

I use to buy hair gel at the place where I get my haircut.  However, I notice that the price was outrageously priced for a small container that didn't last very long.   So that's when I decided to look for a healthier and cheaper option.

Homemade Hair Gel Recipes Ingredients

Before I begin telling you about this recipes I would like to mention that this recipe was not made by me.  It was made or found by Ryan Foy who is a writer at You will need a few ingredients and materials before we begin.

Let's Begin The Homemade Hair Gel Recipes

Step Number 1

Prepare your double boiler.  A makeshift double boiler can be made using a small pot of water and a metal bowl.  Use about an inch of water in the pot and start boiling it.

Step Number 2

Measure your ingredients.  This recipe you don't need to be exact with the measurements.  The basic ratio is one part beeswax to one part coconut oil to one drop of essential oil.  To fill a small tin you just need to use 8 teaspoons of beeswax and coconut oil and 8 drops of essential oil.

Step Number 3

Add your beeswax to the metal bowl.  Once it has liquefied add in your coconut oil and your essential oils.  ( I personally used peppermint essential oil so it does not smell girly on me.)  Stir the mixture until it is fully liquefied and a consistent color.  Use a plastic spoon for this because it will ruin your good spoons.

Step Number 4

Pour the mixture carefully into your tin and let it cool for a few hours.  ( I let mine sit for about 4-5 hours.)  You can buy your tins on Amazon.

Step Number 5

Once it has set, you can either wrap it up and brand your tin.  You can also it gift it to your Dad.  You only need a pea-size of wax and then run it through your hair.

Bonus Step

Make sure that you clean the metal bowl and measuring materials right away when it's still hot.  I left the materials to soak in hot water with soap and the wax stayed stuck to the measuring glass.  It took me and my Mom two days to get it off.  Note to self-don't let that happen again lol.

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